Check out how your favorite CS2 teams are ranked.

Valve introduced on April 22 the first-ever official global ranking for CS2 esports. Before that, all Valve had done was put together rankings for each region — Europe, Americas, and Asia.

While most of the Counter-Strike community has grown used to checking HLTV's work rankings, Valve's global rankings will gain unforeseen importance from 2025 onwards. This is because tournament organizers will have to discontinue their current partnership ecosystem and use Valve's ranking to determine invitations for all tournaments or otherwise run open qualifiers.

Most notably, the initiative dubbed "A Level Playing Field" will directly affect major tournament organizers such as BLAST and ESL, who currently run franchised leagues.

Without further ado, here are the top 30 teams in the world in June 2024, according to Valve's global ranking for CS2 esports. We'll update this article whenever Valve makes major changes to the ranking.

CS2's World Rankings: June 2024

Team Name
11990MOUZBrollan, Jimpphat, siuhy, torzsi, xertioN
21937FaZe Clanbroky, frozen, karrigan, rain, ropz
31930Team Spiritchopper, donk, magixx, sh1ro, zont1x
41928VitalityapEX, flameZ, mezii, Spinx, ZywOo
51900G2huNter-, m0NESY, nexa, NiKo, Stewie2K
61837The MongolZ910, bLitz, mzinho, Senzu, Techno
71829Natus VincereAleksib, b1t, iM, jL, w0nderful
81827Astralisbr0, device, jabbi, Staehr, stavn
91709Eternal FireCalyx, MAJ3R, Wicadia, woxic, XANTARES
101660HEROICdegster, kyxsan, NertZ, sjuush, TeSeS
111659LiquidcadiaN, NAF, skullz, Twistzz, YEKINDAR
121650Virtus.proelectroNic, fame, FL1T, Jame, n0rb3r7
131617ComplexityEliGE, floppy, Grim, hallzerk, JT
141523Ninjas in Pyjamasalex, isak, maxster, r1nkle, REZ
151511MIBRbrnz4n, drop, exit, insani, saffee
161498BetBoomKaiR0N-, Magnojez, nafany, s1ren, zorte
171493FURIAchelo, FalleN, KSCERATO, kye, yuurih
181450Falconsdupreeh, Maden, Magisk, Snappi, SunPayus
191441paiN Gamingbiguzera, kauez, lux, nqz, snow
201410BIGJDC, Krimbo, prosus, syrsoN, tabseN
211406Cloud9alpha, Ax1Le, Boombl4, HObbit, Perfecto
221399FlyQuestaliStair, dexter, INS, Liazz, Vexite
231383Imperialdecenty, felps, HEN1, noway, VINI
2413459zbuda, dgt, HUASOPEEK, MartinezSa, max
251326AMKALForester, ICY, Krad, Sdaim, TRAVIS
261318fnaticafro, blameF, bodyy, KRIMZ, MATYS
271304GamerLegionaNdu, FL4MUS, sl3nd, Snax, volt
281293ENCEgla1ve, Goofy, Kylar, podi, sdy
291292Auroradeko, KENSI, Lack1, Norwi, r3salt
301271M80malbsMd, reck, s1n, slaxz-, Swisher
Data via Valve

How is Valve's global ranking for CS2 calculated?

The current formula for Valve's global ranking includes the factors listed below:

  1. Teams
    • Prize money earned
  2. Beaten opponents
    • Prize money earned
    • Number of teams beaten
  3. Head-to-head results

To see how each team got their points, head to the official ranking page and click on "details" for a full breakdown.

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