NAVI and HEROIC still have one last chance for survival.

Vitality and Cloud9 have secured their slot for the PGL Copenhagen Major playoffs after victories over Complexity and NAVI respectively. Complexity and Natus Vincere, meanwhile, still have one more chance to secure their spots for the playoffs. They will play their final matches for the elimination stage on March 24, 2024. 

Vitality victorious over Complexity

The two teams kicked off the series with an extremely competitive Inferno. While Complexity had a solid start to the series after they won the first six rounds in a row, Vitality bounced back in latter part of the first half. 

The second half was a similar scoreline, but with the teams reversed and there was little separating the two rosters. Inferno went to Overtime and Complexity seemed to catch up to Vitality’s early game lead. However, Vitality ultimately won the map 19-16 taking a lead after what was a very competitive first map of the series.

It was an all-round performance by the Vitality squad with four members within one round of each other. All members had an ADR above 70 signalling the relatively even impact across the roster. 

The second map saw Complexity off to a great start yet again, but similar to the first map, Vitality bounced back. This time, in the second half, however, Complexity had the upper hand on the CT side once they got weapons in their hands. Vertigo ended with a 13-7 victory levelling the series and taking it to Anubis.

After what was a very thrilling first two maps, all eyes were on Anubis, a map that has had mixed performances by teams. Vitality seems to have some issue starting strong, as for the third time this series, they let Complexity take off early. After what seemed to be a repeat first half of the first two maps, Vitality’s CT side in the second half was unwavering. They won the map 13-10 with flameZ and Sping leading the charge. 

NAVI stumble against Cloud9

The second series of the day - NAVI vs Cloud9 - was always going to be the more  competitive series of the day. Cloud9 started off with a 14-16 loss on Mirage, but they were dominant on their map of choice. Mirage was NAVI’s map pick and the fact that Cloud9 managed to take them to overtime speaks volumes about the competitive Cloud9 performance. The second map of Ancient resulted in a 13-6 Cloud9 victory with the third map presenting an even more dominant 13-2 victory for Cloud9.

Leading the charge was Hobbit, closely followed by electronic. Both the players managed to score 48 frags across all three maps, with H0bbit presenting a slightly better performance due to lower deaths and more clutch situations.

With these victories, Vitality and Cloud9 have secured their spot in the PGL CS2 Copenhagen Major playoffs. Meanwhile, Complexity and NAVI have one last opportunity to qualify for the playoffs. Complexity will go up against FaZe Clan. NAVI will be facing off against paiN Gaming in what is the final rounds of matches for the elimination stage. Counter-Strike fans can catch all the action live on Twitch.