BLAST Paris CS:GO Major Results: Champions Stage Standings and Live score

Two teams will be eliminated today and two quailfy to the Champions Stage. Here are the live results.


Rohan undefined Game Page Paris Major 2023 playoffs: NAVI players suffer huge upset

The teams for the Paris Major 2023 playoffs have been determined. NAVI did not advance to this stage.

Igor Oliveira

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Heroic vs Liquid: The Danes survive Team Liquid scare

The clash of the titans. Heroic and Team Liquid are both in excellent form. The winner of this match moves on to the Champions Stage.


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NAVI vs NIP: S1mple and co. one match away from Champions Stage

Neither team faces elimination in this round, and they don’t want to in the next as well. Which team will come out on top?


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CS:GO streamer pulls 2 factory new knives in 3 boxes; one being worth $20,000

This CS:GO streamer pulled two of the rarest knives in the game just moments apart from each other.

Bryson Maddock

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How to fix CS:GO’s “VAC unable to verify” error

Did you get the ‘VAC Unable to Verify’ error when you launch CSGO? Here’s’s complete guide on how to fix this error.


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Here are the 15 BLAST Paris Major Legends teams

The BLAST Paris Major Legends Stage kicks off on May 13, 2023.


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Counter-Strike 2 System Requirements

Wondering whether your pc will be able to run Counter Strike 2? Here’s everything we know about the Counter Strike 2 System Requirements.

Arnav Shukla

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