pashaBiceps choked-out, bloodied, and defeated in MMA debut cover image

pashaBiceps choked-out, bloodied, and defeated in MMA debut


pashaBiceps found himself humbled in a staggering defeat in his first official MMA competition, falling victim to a guillotine choke.

Jarosław "pashaBiceps" Jarząbkowski has been defeated by Marcin Dubiel in an MMA match to give the CS:GO star his first loss in the octagon. The context was called at the one-minute, six-second-mark in the first round.
While pashaBiceps did compete in a previous MMA contest in 2022, that was under Boxing rules. This time, in his first true MMA competition, Jarząbkowski competed without head-gear, bare-foot. However, the result was a resounding defeat to a younger opponent.
All of this took place in the Spodek Arena, in Katowice, Poland, a location special to Biceps. Jarząbkowski who called Spodek his "favorite arena," had previously won the Katowice Major in that venue in 2014. Today he only found defeat there.

pashaBiceps MMA fight full match breakdown

Taking to the ring looking like he was covered in bumper stickers, with his signature AWP tattoo and a huge Kinguin Logo adorning his back, pashaBiceps looked strong in initial strikes with opponent Dubiel. But with Dubiel swinging wildly with undisciplined strikes, and pashaBiceps not effectively defending, took a nasty strike to the eye, and crumpled.
Biceps attempted to get the mount to fight out of the ground, but found himself grappled by Dubiel in a vicious guillotine choke. In this dramatically poor position, the ref called the match, just over one minute and six seconds into the first round.
Pasha was left grounded for several minutes, in a scary scene as the Spodek arena fell silent. But thankful, the fan-favorite was up and about for the match being called, and pictures posted after the match show he’s in good health and spirits. Although he may think twice before returning to the octagon.
Against a seemingly equal opponent, with a near identical weight, reach, and height, Biceps struggled against the raw aggression of the younger Dubiel. Dubiel's record now stands at 5-2-0, with Jarząbkowski's falling to 1-1. It's perhaps not the end of pashaBiceps' fighting career, but will definitely be something he'll remember before booking the next fight.

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