To Hell and back again: The Diablo 4 ending, explained cover image

To Hell and back again: The Diablo 4 ending, explained

Looking to figure out what the heck happens in the Diablo 4 ending? We’ve got you covered for your one way trip to Hell.

We're now a few weeks from the launch of Diablo 4, which leaves one question. What the heck happened? We have you covered, whether you're looking for some spoilers or just want to understand the state of Sanctuary as of the epilogue. Let's take another journey down into the depths and figure out what happens in the Diablo 4 ending, together.

Oh, and if it weren't obvious enough already, a warning. We will be spoiling the end of the game, as well as the state of the game world after the final boss fight.


What happens in the Diablo 4 ending?

The ending of Diablo 4 sees The Wanderer (the player-character) journeying into the depths of Hell with their party of allies. Neyrelle, Donan, and Lorath join you in the final leg of following Lilith around the whole wide world and always being one step behind.

However, her mission is clear: Steal the power of her father, Mephisto, and gain the power to destroy heaven and hell. However, the team is challenged along the way, which includes the death of Donan and The Wanderer being sucked into a nightmare by Lilith and the Sightless Eye.

Attempting to corrupt the player into being her champion, Lilith is eventually thwarted when Mephisto intervenes, offering aid, a shortcut to his throne, and a choice. Either trap Lilith in the soulstone and leave her to her fate in hell, or trap Mephisto and risk the Prime Evil's future escape.

Neyrelle acts without hesitation, trapping him in the stone and leaving, letting The Wanderer await Lilith's arrival. The final fight is a lengthy, two phase encounter that finally sees the player topple Lilith. It's then that Sin Mommy offers a warning as she crumbles to dust: "Without me you would have no victory, and its cost will be more than you can pay. She says this as a vision of Diablo, Lord of Terror flashes across the screen.

With that, she's dust in the wind.

What happens next?

With Lilith defeated, you head back to your party to find Lorath prepping Donan's body to be brought back and Nayrelle--and the Mephisto soulstone--missing. This may be the Diablo 4 ending, but there's still miles to go and questions aplenty. The epilogue follows Nayrelle as she journeys somewhere, across the sea with her new Prime Evil prisoner. Is she corrupt? What is her plan? She doesn't say in her letter to Lorath, other than to not follow her.

And while that seems like a pretty clear indicator of badness to come there's no time to dwell on it. Things on the homefront have gone from bad to worse, with the Church and Knights Penitent turning heel. Iosef and a cadre of knights confront Lorath and the playe, charging them with heresy against the Church. Lorath kills the priest and you soon discover that every Knight NPC is now an enemy, and some areas are now hostile.

Considering we know that at least two expansions planned for Diablo 4, the ending hardly seems like the end. Eventually, plothreads involving Mephisto, Diablo, the Church, and Neyrelle will come smashing back. Until then, just remember: You're not really playing Diablo unless you're on World Tier VI.

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