A rough showing for Arteezy despite his reunion with Sumail.

The PGL Wallachia group stage has been full of exciting moments, and intense series. With all 16 teams duking it out in the group stage, there have been constant series and upsets.

The series between Boom Esports and Shopify Rebellion went the full three game series length. However, game three sparked the take that it was Arteezy's worst performance of his career on Faceless Void.

The Tragic tale of Arteezy's Faceless Void vs Boom Esports

Despite the new stand-ins to Shopify Rebellion's roster, game three against Boom Esports was rough to say the least. Reddit claims that this was Arteezy's worst performance of his career as he had a total of 4.8k damage over the 42 minute game as Faceless Void. However, Reddit tends to exaggerate.

The series close at the beginning. Shopify drafted a pretty standard lineup for the team. Comprising of Faceless Void, TA, Centaur for cores, and a Phoenix and SD support duo.

On the other hand, Boom Esports picked up Kunkka, Brewmaster and Luna for cores and a Bane and Hoodwink for their support duo.

So in short, Boom had more than enough lockdown and tools to kill any core of Shopify at any stage of the game. While also being able to play care free against Arteezy's Faceless Void.

SR vs Boom Game 3 draft (Via <a href="https://egamersworld.com/dota2/tip/iKEDfUiXl/boom-vs-shopify-rebellion-UoTMQpmXK">egamersworld</a>)
SR vs Boom Game 3 draft (Via egamersworld)

And unfortunately for Shopify, that was mostly the entire game. There wasn't much that the cores of Shopify could realistically do. Reddit was quick to criticize Arteezy's Faceless Void as he rarely used his Chronosphere throughout the match.

However, most of the time Shopify's cores were getting jumped, and using Chrono would most likely worsen their fates. Not to mention that Boom had tools to burst Void down or control him in team fights. So Arteezy had it rough on his Faceless Void.

The final moments of the match really sealed the fate of Shopify. As Arteezy picked off Boom's Hoodwink near the tier one on radiant, while the rest of Boom was trying to push Dire's bottom racks. However, Arteezy kept pushing mid, suspecting that Boom was going to linger bottom for longer.

But that wasn't the case, and with a combination of Kunkka, Bane and Luna they killed Arteezy's Faceless Void without buyback. Which sealed the fate of the series, and subsequently eliminated SR from PGL Wallachia.

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