Arteezy recalls his “clowny” days with SumaiL as he talks about his reunion in a post-game interview at PGL Wallachia

The Arteezy-SumaiL reunion at PGL Wallachia seems to be working well, showing once again how powerful their combination is. Reminiscing the good ol’ Evil Geniuses days, Artour "Arteezy" Babaev talks about his experience playing with Sumail "SumaiL" Hassan again.

Arteezy on SumaiL: “It’s definitely a blast from the past. He hasn’t changed at all”

After Shopify Rebellion’s win over Team Liquid in their group stage series at PGL Wallachia Season 1, Arteezy spoke in a post-game interview and shared his thoughts on reuniting with SumaiL.

Arteezy: "It's definitely a blast from the past. He hasn't changed at all since last time I remember playing with him. It's literally the same vibes. His behavior is the same and his reactions to things in the game is the same. I think the one thing he has improved is he's actually a lot more vocal. A long time ago I think he was more like 'I'm the best and I'm not going to talk" and all this stuff. But now he's a lot more expressive and I think that just comes with age."

Growing up and growing old

It's true that SumaiL has since mellowed from the cocky personality he had back at Evil Geniuses. Rocking his blazing blue hairdo, he mentioned at TI8 (The International 2018) that his motivation was money. "What am I going to do with the title? I'll take the money." he said when asked to choose between money and the title of champipn.

Arteezy continued to indulge his memories on how SumaiL used to "clown" around such showing up to scrims late. However, growing up apparently hadn't changed the fun vibes between them. "He [SumaiL] said he's 25 today [February 13]. He's actually quite old. We're all quite old. So, it's been really fun. It reminds me of my youth" Arteezy added.

So far so good for Shopify Rebellion at PGL Wallachia

Shopify Rebellion are off to a great group stage at PGL Wallachia so far. After a clean 2-0 victory over Team Liquid, they now stand at a 2-1 score with a good chance to make the playoffs. This is also Shopify’s first series win over Team Liquid since February 2023.

Shopify Rebellion still has two series left in the group stage. Check out our schedule and results page which we update live for more information.

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