Aui_2000 will play with Tundra Esports at the Bali Major as Saksa flies home due to health issues.

Ahead of Bali Major's third day, Tundra Esports announces that it will continue the rest of the tournament without its fundamental support, Martin "Saksa" Sazdov. The position 4 will be flying home due to an undisclosed illness. In the meantime, Tundra's current coach and TI winner, Kurtis "Aui_2000" Ling will fill in his shoes at the Bali Major.

Due to illness, [Saksa] will be flying home today and not continuing in the Bali Major. We wish him a speedy recovery! [Aui_2000] will be standing in until further notice.

Despite Bali Major being a crucial point for this DPC season, Tundra Esports is free to lay back and enjoy the rest of the tournament. This is because Tundra Esports has secured a TI12 invite and will arrive in Seattle, USA nevertheless. Though Saksa's absence will be missed, Aui_2000's return to the player booth will be an exciting watch.

Tundra Esports looks solid at the Bali Major

Group A standings by Day 2 of the Bali Major Group Stage.
Group A standings by Day 2 of the Bali Major Group Stage.

The Bali Major Group Stage already passes the two-day mark. So far, Tundra Esports has collected five wins and three losses, pushing them to second place in Group A. The team has four more BO2 games to finish and they'll have to deliver with a stand-in at the helm.

Despite this sudden roster shift, fans have little to no worry in regard to their performance. Tundra Esports have shown that they can still maintain a solid performance even with multiple stand-ins during the DreamLeague Season 20.

It will be interesting to see how Tundra Esports does at the Bali Major without Saksa. But we all know not to underestimate the power of a TI-winning coach..

Day three begins!

The third Bali Major day kickstarts. This is an interesting point of the Group Stage as we can see those eyeing the Upper Bracket placement and those struggling to avoid elimination. Check out the Bali Major Group Stage schedule and results here!

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