Another record has been set at the Bali Major! Blacklist International made a record breaking comeback against IG.

The last day of the Bali Major group stage featured many close matches as some teams crumbled under the pressure while others managed to just scrape by. But the craziest game by far was Blacklist International versus Invictus Gaming. The first game of the series broke records, with iG ahead almost 49k in net-worth. But nothing could stop Blacklist from securing their spot in the tiebreakers.

Blacklist International's record breaking game one

Yes you heard right — Blacklist pulled a miracle out of the bag and knocked out iG despite a 49k net-worth deficit. This victory for the SEA team marked the largest LAN comeback since Dota 2's switch to Source 2 in 2015.

This 49k net worth comeback by Blacklist blew the previous record out of the water by a pretty significant margin. With the previous record being with Team Liquid's comeback agaisnt Vici Gaming at Epicenter 2019. During that game, the gold lead was around 43k. Following close behind, the second place was a 41.5k net worth advantage for RNG during the Bukovel Minor in 2020 agaisnt Nigma.

The draft and game recap

What's pretty surprising is that the drafts from both sides is pretty standard given the current meta. Invictus Gaming took Dire and drafted around their Monkey King carry. They also picked up Storm Spirit, Mars, Silencer and a Techies. Blacklist International took a equally standard Terrorblade draft on Radiant. Blacklist's draft comprised of Puck, Terrorblade, Batrider, Enigma and Clockwerk.

The game 1 draft from Blacklist International vs. iG (via <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">Blacklist International Twitter</a>)
The game 1 draft from Blacklist International vs. iG (via Blacklist International Twitter)

Despite the conventional drafts from both sides, iG was in the lead from the get go. With ganks to the mid lane, punishes on over-extensions and ganks on the Terrorblade, Blacklist was never once ahead. However, at 67 minutes, iG forced the last barracks of Blacklist. And while they were sieging the last pivotal buildings, Terrorblade sneakily teleported with Boots of Travel to the Dire base.

Already under the effects of Metamorphosis, Blacklist International's Terrorblade, who was quite farmed already, summoned his illusions and beat away at the Dire Ancient. iG was too distracted by the rest of Blacklist to safely come back to defend their base from the army of Terrorblade illusions. And just like that, the 49k net worth advantage meant nothing, and Blacklist won game one. You can watch the full game here.

Although Blacklist International couldn't fully make it out of the group stage, their comeback has been cemented as one of the best of all time. The Bali Major has been a event full of record breaking results so far.

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