Dota 2 Crownfall Comic Ascension Day summarized cover image

Dota 2 Crownfall Comic Ascension Day summarized

The Ascension Day Dota 2 comic summarized!

This is not a drill folks, we have Crownfall info! Although it's not the long awaited patch, it's a comic detailing the story behind the two new Arcanas for Skywrath Mage and Vengeful Spirit that are now confirmed to be released alongside the update. So without further ado, instead of reading the 120 page comic, here's a breakdown of the Ascension Day comic.

Crownfall Comic Ascension Day summarized

For those who don't want a full synopsis of the Ascension Day comic, here are the bullet points:

  • Queen Imperia overthrew her sister Shendelzare 10 years ago and it's become a holiday called Ascension day
  • Shendelzare survived due to the forgotten god Scree'Auk and she became Vengeful Spirit
  • Skywrath Mage, who still loves Shen summons her every year to spend the evening together
  • Scree'Auk shows up and gives Skywrath Mage his remaining power and he subsequently powers Vengeful Spirit up
  • The lovers are ready to reclaim Shendelzare's throne

Some Backstory

So before we get into what happens during the Ascension Day comic, let's learn a bit about the world and where this story takes place. In the land of Eyrie, ten years before the Ascension Day comic takes place, there was Shendelzare, who was the Queen of the Skywraths who was secretly in love with Skywrath Mage (AKA Dragonus). One day Shendelzare's sister Imperia overthrew her sister and usurped the throne. Everyone assumed that Shendelzare died in the coup.

However, thanks to the god Scree'Auk she became their champion, becoming Vengeful Spirit. The day in which this coup took place was commemorated as Ascension day. Where Queen Imperia took her throne. On every Ascension day, Dragonous, the Captain of the Queensguard, is nowhere to be seen. And that's where the Ascension Day comic begins.

The Ascension Day story

Our story begins with Skywrath Mage meeting with Queen Imperia on Ascension Day. The Queen tells the captain of the Queensguard that she senses a plot to dispose of her. That Anarchists and Malcontents seek to remove her from the throne.

However, she is assembling an elite squad to be let by Skywrath Mage to dispose of them. But, Ascension day is a special day for both Imperia and Dragonous, for different reasons. Despite his honor-bound oath to protect the Queen, she has granted him a leave to go mourn her sister. The woman that Dragonous loved.

And so, as per his tradition on Ascension day for the past ten years, Skywrath Mage heads to the ruins of a temple of Scree'Auk to mourn the loss of his love Shen. However, Skywrath Mage doesn't mourn at this temple. With the help of a monk, every year they perform the Rite of Eloquor. Which allows Skywrath Mage and Shen to communion and spend an evening together. Overlooking the kingdom that was meant to be hers.

Ascension Day allows Vengeance for Vengeful Spirit

Once Vengeful Spirit arrives, the two share an embrace. However, they are swiftly interrupted by the monk who helped with the ritual. As in fact, the monk was the God Scree'Auk who was in disguise.

Unfortunately for the ancient and forgotten God, Skywrath and Venge are the only two beings who still believe in him. So, with the last of his power, Scree'Auk gives Skywrath his remaining power. Allowing him to break the leash that bound him to Imperia. Not only that, but he also grants his beloved her wings once more.

With their newfound power, the two set out to make their dreams come true and get Shen back her throne. And that's where the first part of the comic leaves us. However, with the Crownfall update that just dropped, we now know there are three more acts of this story.