Read on for all detailed information about upcoming Dota 2 events in 2025 and stay tuned for more updates.

Although 2024 is not even halfway through, several tournament organizers like ESL, PGL, and BLAST have already announced their Dota 2 plans for 2025. FISSURE is the latest to announce their Dota 2 plans for next year.

Here are all the upcoming Dota 2 tournaments in 2025 that have been announced so far:

FISSURE x BB Tournament #1Jan. 24 - Feb. 02
BLAST Tournament #1Feb. 04 - Feb. 09
DreamLeague Season 25Feb. 16 - Mar. 02
PGL Tournament #1Mar. 06 - Mar. 15
FISSURE x BB Tournament #2Mar. 18 - Mar. 27
ESL One EuropeApril
PGL Tournament #2Apr. 18 - Apr. 27
BLAST Tournament #2May. 06 - May. 11
DreamLeague Season 26May. 12 - May. 25
FISSURE x BB Tournament #3Aug. 01 - Aug. 10
BLAST Tournament #3Oct. 14 - Oct. 19
FISSURE x BB Tournament #4Oct. 24 - Nov. 02
DreamLeague Season 27Nov. 03 - Nov. 11
PGL Tournament #3Nov. 10 - Nov. 23
BLAST Tournament #4Nov. 25 - Nov. 30
ESL One AsiaDecember
FISSURE x BB Tournament #5Dec. 16 - Dec. 22

Among the announced Dota 2 tournaments for 2025, the first event will be hosted by FISSURE. This organizer became well-known in the community after hosting BetBoom Dacha and Elite League in 2024.

ESL unveiled their tournament plans for 2025

According to ESL's plans, they plan to host five Dota 2 tournaments in 2025. The first one will be in February and the last one will be in December.

Similar to 2024, they will host two LAN tournaments, in Europe and Asia, whilst the other three will be online tournaments DreamLeague. ESL hasn't released any news about Riyadh Masters 2025 yet. We might have to wait for further confirmation.

BLAST joins Dota 2

Renowned Tournament Organizer BLAST has announced on its social media that they are entering the Dota 2 scene. There are four events planned for 2025.

PGL Dota 2 series

PGL has announced their Dota 2 road map for 2024 - 2026, featuring three tournaments planned in 2025. They might also have moe updates for Dota 2 coming out.

FISSURE Dota 2 Tournaments sponsored by BetBoom

There will be five tournaments held by FISSURE coming in 2025! This tournament organizer successfully hosted the top-tier events BetBoom Dacha and Elite League in 2024.

The International 2025

We haven't received more information about The International 2025 at the moment. However, following the usual pattern of previous years, The International 2025 should take place between August and October.

Stay tuned to and we will update more upcoming Dota 2 tournaments information.