Eight Top Teams with direct Invitations are ready to meet challengers coming from the Swiss Stage.

After the stacked competition of the Swiss Stage, the next group stage Round-Robin will kickstart on April 5. There will be 16 teams, including eight directly invited teams such as Team Falcons and Team Liquid. The remaining eight teams come from the Swiss Stage. Here, you can find all the essential information about the Elite League’s Round-Robin Stage, including its groups, schedule, results, and live streams.

Elite League Round-Robin Stage Current standings

Group A
Group B
Team Falcons3-4-0Team Liquid3-4-0
Azure Ray2-5-0Xtreme Gaming2-5-0
G2 x iG1-6-0Tundra Esports1-6-0
PSG Quest2-4-1Gaimin Gladiators2-4-1
Entity2-3-2BetBoom Team2-3-2
Team Spirit0-5-2BOOM Esports0-5-2
HEROIC0-2-5Blacklist International0-2-5
Elite League Round-Robin Stage Current standings

Elite League Round-Robin Stage matches: Schedule and results

The Round-Robin Stage spans six days, starting on April 5, with a fixed schedule. The first match starts at 10:00 CET each day.

Each group will feature five best-of-two matches daily. Make sure to tune into the matches you are interested in since there will be two live streams happening concurrently.

Group A Matchup
Group B Matchup
April 5Entity vs OG0 - 2BOOM vs Tundra0 - 2
Team Spirit vs HEROIC0 - 2Blacklist International vs Aurora0 - 2
G2 x iG vs OG2 - 0Team Liquid vs BetBoom Team2 - 0
Team Falcons vs PSG Quest1 - 1BOOM vs Aurora1 - 1
HEROIC vs G2 x iG0 - 2BetBoom Team vs Gaimin Gladiators0 - 2
April 6Azure Ray vs PSG Quest1 - 1Tundra vs Blacklist International1 - 1
Team Falcons vs Team Spirit1 - 1Aurora vs Gaimin Gladiators1 - 1
HEROIC vs PSG Quest1 - 1BOOM vs Xtreme Gaming1 - 1
G2 x iG vs Azure Ray1 - 1Aurora vs Team Liquid1 - 1
Team Spirit vs Entity1 - 1BetBoom Team vs Xtreme Gaming1 - 1
April 7HEROIC vs Team Falcons1 - 1BOOM vs Blacklist International1 - 1
Entity vs PSG Quest1 - 1Xtreme Gaming vs Tundra1 - 1
Team Spirit vs G2 x iG2 - 0Team Liquid vs Gaimin Gladiators2 - 0
Azure Ray vs Team Falcons1 - 1Tundra vs BetBoom Team1 - 1
OG vs PSG Quest1 - 1Xtreme Gaming vs Gaimin Gladiators1 - 1
April 8HEROIC vs Azure Ray1 - 1Tundra vs Aurora1 - 1
Team Spirit vs OG2 - 0BetBoom Team vs Blacklist International2 - 0
Team Falcons vs G2 x iG1 - 1Team Liquid vs Tundra1 - 1
Entity vs HEROIC1 - 1Gaimin Gladiators vs BOOM1 - 1
OG vs Team Falcons1 - 1Team Liquid vs Xtreme Gaming1 - 1
April 9Azure Ray vs Entity1 - 1BetBoom Team vs Aurora1 - 1
PSG Quest vs Team Spirit1 - 1BOOM vs Team Liquid1 - 1
Entity vs Team Falcons2 - 0Xtreme Gaming vs Blacklist International2 - 0
G2 x iG vs PSG Quest1 - 1Gaimin Gladiators vs Tundra1 - 1
April 10Azure Ray vs Team Spirit2 - 0Team Liquid vs Blacklist International2 - 0
OG vs HEROIC0 - 2Aurora vs Xtreme Gaming0 - 2
G2 x iG vs Entity2 - 0Gaimin Gladiators vs Blacklist International2 - 0
Azure Ray vs OG0 - 2BOOM vs BetBoom Team0 - 2
April 11 - TiebreakerPSG Quest vs Azure Ray
G2 x iG vs PSG Quest
G2 x iG vs Azure Ray
Round-Robin Stage: Schedule and results

Groups in the Round-Robin Stage

Unlike the first stage, the second group stage of Elite League uses the Round-Robin format. There will be two groups, each comprising 8 teams. Teams will compete against every other team in their group, with all matches played as Best of Two.

Group A
Group B
Azure RayAurora
EntityBetBoom Team
G2 x iGBlacklist International
OGGaimin Gladiators
PSG QuestTeam Liquid
Team FalconsTundra Esports
Team SpiritXtreme Gaming
Groups for the Round-Robin Stage

The top two teams from each group advance to the Upper bracket of the Playoffs. The next two teams qualify for the lower bracket of the playoffs. All remaining teams face elimination.

Where to watch the Elite League Round-Robin Stage

The Official ESB channels will broadcast the Round-Robin Stage. There will be two English channels with two groups playing:

Twitch stream one: ESB_Dota2_EN

Twitch stream two: ESB_Dota2_EN_B

We have attached the first channel below for your convenience!

Elite League Stage Two: Interesting matchups

The Round-Robin Stage consists of eight invited teams and eight teams from the Swiss Stage. It will be interesting to see teams from the Swiss Stage manage to defeat the invited teams. OG is in the same group as Team Falcons and Team Spirit.

Meanwhile, Tundra Esports, having recently welcomed Zai as General Manager and Tobi as the stand-in, will face off against Gaimin Gladiators, Team Liquid, and Xtreme Gaming. These are three teams that have shown good results for a while.

On the other hand, Team Liquid and Gaimin Gladiators find themselves in the same group, setting the stage for a classic showdown. Team Liquid lost every Bo5 match against Gaimin Gladiators last year. Can Team Liquid beat their Kryptonite this time?

Stay tuned, and we will share more Dota 2 news on Esports.gg!

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