322 expert Morf has found evidence of OG’s Taiga fixing matches, 322-ing and providing insider information.

Earlier today, a Reddit thread was posted regarding a 322 scandal within the Dota 2 pro scene. The video has amassed over 100,000 views, and has the Dota 2 community in shock. Evidence of OG's support player Tommy "Taiga" Lee has surfaced. The video by 322 guru Morf provides various pieces of evidence of Taiga's match fixing, rather than an accusation.

Morf's Video & Taiga's 322 Inside Match fixing

OG has been one of, if not the most beloved Dota 2 teams in recent history. After signing a new roster, and, despite good performances, the team had a poor TI11 performance. Which subsequently led to the team taking a bit of a break. During this break, Taiga fell into a devastating gambling addiction, and that's when it all went downhill.

One day, there was contact between Taiga and a member of the 322 Mafia, Sensibility. Swiftly, the topic of Match fixing arose between the two. Specifically, using a method called "Betting by Info", which is betting on a match after being given information regarding the match.

However, that method took too long. And after Taiga lost thousands of dollars by betting on other sports. Now indebted to them, the 322 Mafia shifted their betting on OG. Because, instead of betting on random matches, why not use the support player of OG who's indebted to you.

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Last year on April 2nd, OG faced off against Entity in the DPC. Given the nature of the DPC, there was a significant amount of betting on the match. Sensibility ensured Taiga that he wouldn't need to throw a match. Rather, one of the bets individuals could take was which team would take first blood.

Luckily, Taiga and OG took first blood that game, and they both profited. And this worked for a while, as Sensibility started to recover the loses from Taiga betting on other sports with their money.

The profits received from Taiga's 322 match fixing (Via <a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dsz18sPawss">Morf</a>)
The profits received from Taiga's 322 match fixing (Via Morf)

Sensibility and Taiga worked well together. Their system of betting on First Bloods and now even total kills were reigning in profits. However, when it came to the group stage at Dreamleague, things got complicated. See, in the last match of the group stage, if OG won, they would qualify to Riyadh Masters which was much more profitable.

So, Taiga decides to hop off the 322 train at the last minute to qualify for Riyadh. However, the 322 Mafia wouldn't let Taiga get off that easily. And that's where the blackmail finally kicked in. Prior, the two were partners. Working together to maximize their profits, but now, the tone has shifted, and Taiga is not a victim according to the evidence provided.

A screenshot of Sensibility finally turning to blackmail (Via <a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dsz18sPawss">Morf</a>)
A screenshot of Sensibility finally turning to blackmail (Via Morf)

After being forced to continue the match fixing partnership throughout the Berlin Major things didn't get better for Taiga. Following the Major, Taiga was benched for mental health reasons, but in actuality he was being investigated.

Luckily, the investigation didn't lead anywhere. Following the investigation Taiga cut ties with Senibility and is rumored to be working with another match fixing group. Which is why Sensibility came fourth to Morf with this information.

Dota 2 Pro Players react to the evidence

The community is in a state of shock and disappointment to say the least. Taiga has been a well respected within the Dota 2 community since he joined Liquid all those years ago. However, few have spoken out about the issue at the moment, as the entire Dota 2 community is watching to see how the situation develops.

Regardless, all the reactions are the same. Taiga was one of the best support players out there. To see such a well respected and amazing player fall from grace is a sight to behold. Despite an official statement from OG, there hasn't been any word from Taiga. And so, the community waits to see what will happen next.

Stay tuned to esports.gg for updates regarding this situation.