He may just be Gorgc’s long lost brother.

Straightfaced streaming sensation Hans "Forsen" Fors has finally earned his rank in Dota 2, but for his fans who don't play the game, it's tough to tell if he's any good or not.

Dota 2 is infamously complex, and returning players often feel like they're playing a brand-new game. This was the case for Forsen, but the Swedish sensation still managed to pull off some wins during his calibration period.

Forsen's Dota 2 rank is Crusader 1, which is roughly 1,600 MMR. This is a relatively normal rank for players with some gaming experience, but are new to Dota 2.

The streamer returned to Valve's MOBA on April 18 just before the release of Crownfall. He finished his calibration period in just a couple of days.

Is Forsen actually good at Dota 2?

No, Forsen is not good at Dota 2.

Crusader is the third-lowest rank in the game, roughly equivalent to silver in League of Legends and VALORANT. In terms of percentiles, According to Esports Tale's rank distribution, Forsen is better than approximately 26.22% of all Dota 2 players.

Based purely on percentile, Forsen's rank is closer to Bronze 1 in Riot titles. Notably, Forsen calibrated in Western Europe, which is often considered the most difficult matchmaking environment at the competitive level.

Forsen will need to grind around 4,020 more MMR to hit Immortal (Image via Forsen)
Forsen will need to grind around 4,020 more MMR to hit Immortal (Image via Forsen)

However, this rank is pretty respectable for a player who rarely plays the game. Forsen took an extended break from Dota 2 after briefly playing it on stream in 2019.

The game has changed quite a bit in five years, but he seems to have kept some of his skills. Unfortunately, Forsen's account is not registered on Dotabuff or OpenDota, so it's difficult to check his gameplay history.

While not particularly impressive to longtime Dota 2 fans, Forsen's relative success shows that anyone can still pick up and play the game in 2024 and find a reasonable amount of success.

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