Nigma Galaxy rides to Division I, but their DPC mission is far from over as they eye the TI12 Regional Qualifier.

There is no rockier path Nigma Galaxy could have taken this season. They traveled from Div I to Div II, tirelessly going back and forth. But they end 2023 DPC on the right foot, securing a promotion back to Division I. But this story is far from over as Nigma Galaxy eyes the TI12 Regional Qualifier. The veterans are cracking their knuckles and preparing for the upcoming Western Europe bloodbath.

After their deciding tiebreakers, Ivan "MinD_ContRoL" Ivanov hopped on the post-match interview. He assured fans that they will put on a great show at the TI12 Regional Qualifier.

Thanks to all the fans out there, keep supporting us. We are going to give you guys a great show in the TI qualifiers and we are going to smash everyone.

Nigma Galaxy has one last shot to attend TI12

The 2023 Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) season is approaching its end where TI12 awaits. There will be twelve direct invites to the grand event, which is determined by DPC points. But NGX ended Tour 1 - 3 with 0 DPC points, pulling them out of the direct invite competition.

However, there is one last resort and it is the Regional Qualifiers. Although we won't see the exciting Last Chance Qualifiers in 2023, Western Europe will get two slots from the Regional Qualifier - amplifying more chances for vying contenders.

All teams in the region from Division I and Division II will compete in the qualifier and the top two teams will make it to Seattle in October 2023. This is a ride-or-die show for teams and the competition in WEU, with names like OG, Entity, Team Secret, and even Old G, looks incredibly spicy.

The WEU Regional Qualifier begins on August 27 - 31. Mark your calendars and be prepared to support your favorite teams next month!

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