Berlin Major continues its rampant eliminations.

The second day of the Berlin Major Playoffs eliminated a number of teams including Team Spirit, Xtreme Gaming, and now Shopify Rebellion. The battle of the Americas took place in the Lower Bracket between SR and Evil Geniuses. But EG came religiously prepared. They pulled off a merciless performance and Crhistian "Pakazs" Savina's Alchemist stole the spotlight. Ultimately, SR faced the brutal fate of elimination while EG advances to the top 8.

Here's the final score of Shopify Rebellion vs Evil Geniuses:

Team 1
Kill Score
Team 2
Shopify Rebellion
3 - 28
Evil Geniuses [W]
Shopify Rebellion
14 - 26
Evil Geniuses [W]

Evil Geniuses handled Shopify Rebellion with style

In the first game of the series, SR crumbled from the very beginning. Abed on his Void Spirit attempted to rotate and pick off a kill at the enemy's safelane. However, SR failed the gank and continued to fail another attempt. This started to heavily ruin SR's momentum.

As the game goes on, hope started to diminish. But SR waited for a Roshan pick-up to possibly swing the game.

The culmination of game one sees an epic Twin Gate shenanigan. EG was already near the Roshan pit during nighttime and SR, not knowing of its prying opponents, used the Radiant Twin Gate to Teleport to Dire. EG braced for SR's arrival with a looming Shadow Fiend over the gate. Once SR teleported in, they were deleted one by one, and SR called GG almost immediately.

Pakazs record breaking Alchemist performance

Pakasz Alchemist reached 1K GPM in Game 2.<br>via <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener nofollow">STRATZ</a>
Pakasz Alchemist reached 1K GPM in Game 2.

The second game was a Pakazs show on Alchemist. He was insanely farmed, holding a 7.6K net worth at ten minutes. This pushed him up the all-time ladder in the net worth category. Pakazs' Alchemist performance in this game two against Shopify Rebellion is the 9th highest net worth record by 10 minutes on LAN. According to statsman, Ben "Noxville" Steenhuisen, the highest record falls to SumaiL's Alchemist which held 8.7K net worth at 10 minutes.

Shopify Rebellion's scoreboard in Game 2.<br>via <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener nofollow">STRATZ</a>
Shopify Rebellion's scoreboard in Game 2.

While Pakazs was stacking gold like there was no tomorrow, Arteezy's Troll Warlord absolutely suffered. His hero was pulled and kited by EG, not allowing him to manfight anybody. He would also be Dueled and held in place and there was simply nothing he could do. SR's draft also didn't have any saving spells as their support heroes were Crystal Maiden and Techies.

It was a slow burn for SR and the game became a lost cause. EG took the series convincingly, leaving no room for SR to breathe. Pakazs' Alchemist is the MVP of the final match, scoring a total K/D/A of 10/0/9. He also accumulated 1K gold per minute, a feat we don't usually see.

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