Team Spirit was involved in the top five most viewed matches of the million-dollar tournament.

Dota 2’s PGL Wallachia has been one of the most successful events of the season and has become the most-viewed tournament of the season. Team Spirit won the million-dollar event after one of the most exciting Grand Finals.

PGL Wallachia Viewership Breaks Season Record

The ten-day Dota 2 tournament kicked off on May 10 with the Grand Finals on the 19th. After a competitive group stage and a brutal playoff, Team Spirit faced off against Xtreme Gaming in the Grand Finals. But both teams had a different approach to reaching the final match of the tournament. Up until the Grand Final itself, Xtreme Gaming was undefeated, going 3-0 in the group stage and 2-0 in every other match of the playoffs. En route to the Grand Finals, Xtreme Gaming took down the likes of G2.iG, Falcons as well as Team Spirit.

Throwing Team Spirit down to the lower bracket seemed to work in favor of the latter who bounced back enough in form and draft to ultimately lift the trophy. After losing 0-2 to Xtreme Gaming, Team Spirit eliminated BOOM Esports, G2.iG, and Team Falcons. They set up a repeat match against Xtreme Gaming, but this time in the Grand Finals.

An epic Five Game series

The Grand Finals was a best-of-five match and Dota 2 fans could not have asked for a better series. The series went the entire distance of five games with Team Spirit winning the final two games of the Grand Finals. 

PGL Wallachia 2024 reached a peak viewership of 487,493 during the fifth game of the Grand Finals. Clearly, fans could not get enough of the series that went back and forth between the two contestants.

The second most viewed event of the tournament was the lower bracket final - Team Spirit vs Falcons. Team Spirit saw through a 2-1 victory helped massively by Yatoro’s Lifestealer. It seemed Falcons simply had no answer to the Lifestealer pick and it was a clear case of a draft victory.

Team Spirit was involved in all five of the most-viewed matches of the tournament. Their lower-bracket run was clearly an exciting run for Dota 2 fans and it ultimately resulted in a Spirit victory. Here are the viewership stats for the top five matches of the event.

  1. Team Spirit vs Xtreme Gaming - 487,493
  2. Team Spirit vs Falcons - 328,565
  3. Team Spirit vs G2.iG - 239,903
  4. Team Spirit vs BetBoom Team - 235, 377
  5. Team Spirit vs Xtreme Gaming - 234,093

More PGL Events yet to Come

PGL has already revealed plans for more Dota 2 events throughout the rest of the season. After Wallachia 2024, the organizer will host seven more events across 2024-25 on the following dates:

  • 2024 PGL DOTA 2 Wallachia Season #2 - October 1-13 | Qualifiers - August 9-17.
  • 2025 PGL Tournament #1 - March 6-15 | Qualifiers - January 5-12.
  • 2025 PGL Tournament #2 - April 18-27 | Qualifiers - February 1-8.
  • 2025 PGL Tournament #3 - November 10-23 | Qualifiers - September 21-28.
  • 2026 PGL Tournament #1 - March 6-15 | Qualifiers - January 4-11.
  • 2026 PGL Tournament #2 - April 17-26 | Qualifier - March 22-29.
  • 2026 PGL Tournament #3 - November 6-15 | Qualifier - September 27 - October 4.