This is the largest prize pool in the Esports World Cup.

Esports World Cup has just unveiled the prize pool of Dota 2's Riyadh Masters! We will see a massive total of $10 million poured into the Dota 2 category. $5 million will go to the main tournament and the other $5 million allocated for the qualifiers.

The champions of Riyadh Masters will earn a lion's share of $1.5 million. The runner-up will bring home $800K followed by a $600K prize for the third-place team. Here is the complete prize pool distribution for Riyadh Masters:

Prize Money
$1.5 million

The other $5 million will interestingly go to the qualifier rounds. The qualifier round typically does not host that large of a prize so this will certainly up the stakes and make qualifiers more intense than it already is. Currently, the prize pool distribution for Riyadh Master's qualifiers has yet to be revealed.

Dota 2 holds the highest prize pool in Esports World Cup

The colossal Esports World Cup will host more than a dozen esports tournaments - all with grand prize pools. Some of them like Starcraft even has a record breaking prize pool. Although the previous Riyadh Masters offered a higher amount at $15 million, the upcoming one remains the largest this year so far.

Dota 2 is also the game with the highest prize pool in Esports World Cup, standing at $10 million. The second highest goes to PUBG Mobile with $3.8 million.

Buckle up and prepare yourself for ESL Pro Tour's culmination. Riyadh Masters kickstarts July 4 to 21 live in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Read more about Riyadh Masters / Dota 2 Esports World Cup here on!