A new position four player will join Nigma Galaxy soon.

Legendary midlaner, Sumail "SumaiL" Hassan, has just finished another stand-in stint, this time with Shopify Rebellion in PGL Wallachia. In the post-match interview of their final series, SumaiL revealed his thoughts on reuniting with Arteezy and hinted at Nigma Galaxy's new player.

We are gonna go bootcamp in [United Arab Emirates] after this.

SumaiL almost slipped the name of Nigma Galaxy's new player

(Image via PGL)
(Image via PGL)

SumaiL's journey in PGL Wallachia is now over. After losing a hard fought series against South America's BOOM Esports, SumaiL hopped on the post-match interview to bid his farewells.

While he talked about traveling back to bootcamp, he seemed like he almost slipped his tongue and accidentally reveal a confidential information about Nigma's roster.

"We are gonna go bootcamp, me and... (*smiles) uh yeah. We are going to bootcamp in [United Arab Emirates] after this," SumaiL stated when asked regarding his future moves in the Dota 2 professional scene.

For continuous seasons, Nigma Galaxy has failed to keep a long-lasting Dota 2 roster. The team would change one player or another every time they can't progress beyond their current state. Nigma last parted ways with Matthew in late April and has yet to announce his replacement in the roster. "I think we are missing a player every month. So we have to figure something out," SumaiL said.

Speculations point to GH

(Image via PGL)
(Image via PGL)

Following SumaiL's interview, a lot of people assume that Nigma's new player will be GH. The prominent pos 4 was a long-time Nigma player who took a break from competitive Dota 2 in late 2023. After a five-months hiatus, GH returned to compete as a stand-in for Shopify Rebellion - together with SumaiL.

With a vacant slot in Nigma's position four, many are anticipating GH's return to his former home. And as SumaiL mentioned that him and the new player will be traveling to UAE for bootcamp, fans are excited to see if GH will indeed complete Nigma's current roster.

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