Fashionable beeps. TeaGuv cosplays as Arcana Io at ESL One Birmingham 2024, tethering the hearts of the crowd… and a Spectre!

A Dota tournament wouldn't be complete without a cosplay showcase, and the cosplays at ESL One Birmingham 2024 did not disappoint.

In the one of the largest Dota cosplay event, 22 dedicated cosplayers feature their artistry through bold and beautiful costume designs. Then there's the outlandish one on the far end of the creative spectrum, who is none other than Dota 2 analyst Robson "TeaGuvnor" Merritt.

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TeaGuv cosplays as Io at ESL One Birmingham 2024

Representing his home base, TeaGuv cosplayed as Io at ESL One Birmingham. With nothing but what seemed to be a pair of socks, an undershirt and an intricately designed box, he dressed as the "Benevolent Companion" Arcana version of Io.

The costumed seemed highly encumbering. Yet he remained steadfast and waddled through the stage without forgetting to his graceful jump-spin to bedazzle the audience.

After TeaGuv's showcase came the Spectre cosplayer, Karoinna, who went all out with the neon lights setup. Consequently, she needed help walking on the stage. Of course, true to his "Benevolent Companion" name, TeaGuv came tethering to the Spectre and made sure of his carry's safety.

While this was not a competition, TeaGuv would've likely won judging by how wild the crowd went for his cosplay. Evidently, this was not his first rodeo in the cosplaying world. At Berlin Major 2023, he cosplayed as Lina complete with a wig, mantle and Lina's distinctive face marks.

Who should TeaGuv cosplay next?

TeaGuv's decision to cosplay as Io at ESL One Birmingham is due to a poll he started. After numerous rounds of voting, Io had won 306 votes versus runner-up Queen of Pain with 229 votes. Perhaps he needs to cosplay as Ringmaster next to usher the hero in sooner than later.

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