Another Grand Finals evaporated for Team Liquid.

After an amazing 2-1 victory over BetBoom Team, one of the tournament's favorites, Team Liquid were looking solid (pun intended). The first game between the two runner-ups lasted an astonishing amount of 80+ minutes, but the next two only took twenty and thirty minutes each to show Liquid's dominance. However, Team Falcons were taking notes of what finally ended on a 3-0 Grand Finals victory on their side, becoming the BetBoom Dacha Champions. But, how, you may ask?

Before getting into it, let's share a moment to try and figure out why Sneyking tried to kill the trophy and what does Hello Kitty has to do with anything.

Game one: The Enigmatic mistake

Team Liquid showed dominance with Enigma earlier today. They had the flex, since this was the most picked hero of the tournament, and they managed to make it fit in the hands of Neta "33" Shapira and Aydin "iNSaNiA" Sarkohi during the BetBoom Dacha Dubai 2024. However, this trick didn't work against the nerdiest team out there. Team Falcons managed to counter it with a lot of save spells and long distance stun. Even in the farmed hands of 33, game was not complicated for the MENA qualified team.

Most picked, high winrate, still a loser (Screenshots by
Most picked, high winrate, still a loser (Screenshots by

Game 2: Okay, maybe ban Mars.

It was looking better for Team Liquid in game two, but what felt like an ice-cold comeback quickly went back to gas (no more liquid jokes). The Falcons never gave empty openings and patiently waited for that recovery team fight to come. And just when Roshan's time was up, there it was. The European team smoked and quickly managed to kill the puck, but weren't expecting the Ammar "ATF" Al-Assaf's special move.

Game 3: Wait, it was the Gyro all this time?

The mental war was over, as Team Liquid let Oliver "skiter" Lepko get that third game in a row with his long time favorite Gyrocopter. But even as flashy as it felt for the TI winner, casters already knew where this was going since the beginning of the stomped final game.

As a result of this, Team Falcons claimed the victory by 3-0 with an unstoppable snowball and a poetic rampage for the young skiter. Team Falcons came as an interesting team, and left the BetBoom Dacha Dubai 2024 as champions. On the other hand, Team Liquid will have to try again, as they get another second place in their books.

The True MVP: Ammar The Father

The BetBoom Dacha Champions have their golden boy, and it's also their father. Ammar's incredible performance dominated the competition, helping Team Falcons achieve the Upper Brackets run without sweating. The Tournament organizers decided a new nickname for him, and we love it!

Team Falcon's MVP for the Grand Finals (Screenshot by
Team Falcon's MVP for the Grand Finals (Screenshot by

With this, our coverage of the BetBoom Dacha Dubai 2024 comes to an end, but we had some nice interviews for you to enjoy before feeling too nostalgic. Be sure to check them in our Dota 2 section with more content for you!

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