Team Liquid advances to the Grand Finals of BetBoom Dacha Dubai cover image

Team Liquid advances to the Grand Finals of BetBoom Dacha Dubai

Another year, another finals.

BetBoom Dacha Dubai approaches its summit as the grand finals matchup set into view. Team Liquid bested BetBoom Team in the Lower Bracket Finals 2-1 to take another grand finals for themselves. But unlike their previous finales, their opponent won't be a familiar face. We will soon witness Team Liquid square off against the new Middle Eastern kings, Team Falcons, for the coveted champion title.

Team Liquid in BB Dacha finals: A familiar story

Team Liquid, the Western European juggernaut, is no underdog, we all know that. The organization and this lineup is one of the most consistent teams in Dota 2 and them reaching the grand finals is no surprise. But as history shows, Liquid always struggles at the end.

In 2023, Liquid consistently made it to the finals of a tier 1 tournament. They climbed into five grand finals but fell short everytime. In 2024, it seems like they are on a similar path. But the ending may be different as their kryptonite, Gaimin Gladiators, is no longer in the finals to stop them.

Team Falcons is Liquid's final obstacle

Although Gaimin Gladiators is no longer in the tournament, having been defeated by Liquid themselves, their final opponent is one intimidating force. Team Falcons is a new name in Dota 2 but its lineup fields a powerful mix of TI winning veterans and young prodigies.

Team Falcons holds the highest winrate in the tournament, but it had shown that it can bleed. Both Azure Ray and BetBoom Team have taken a game off of Falcons in a BO3. But can Team Liquid best the Middle Eastern and North African (MENA) kings in a BO5?

Even though many teams would dream to achieve what Liquid has, the team has its own demons to face. And in BetBoom Dacha Dubai, Liquid may just overcome that wall. If you'd like to witness the end of this story, you can spectate BetBoom Dacha's official livestream.

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