A Yatoro vs Ame finals, everybody.

Two-time The International (TI) champs, Team Spirit has just knocked down Team Falcons out of PGL Wallachia! In an exhilarating comeback, Spirit managed to secure its Grand Final slot with a 2-1 victory. The team will play against Xtreme Gaming for the champion title later today.

Team Spirit blocks Team Falcons from another tournament win

It has been a while since we see Spirit take a podium entrance. The team went from an unbeatable run in late 2023, back to finding its balance this early 2024. But their hibernation season may just be over. Team Spirit knocks down not just any team from PGL Wallachia but the dominant Team Falcons, who has been on a rampant run this year.

Team Falcons has won all of the tier 1 tournaments this year except for the online Elite League which crowned XG as the champions. Falcons is just fresh off a victory at ESL One Birmingham and looks strong on a momentum. However, the team may have fallen short as it's not playing with its complete lineup.

Nine is playing as a stand-in as Malr1ne faces VISA issues.
Nine is playing as a stand-in as Malr1ne faces VISA issues.

With a 2-1 victory over Falcons in the Lower Bracket Finals, Team Spirit advances to their first Grand Finals of the year. They will meet an unbeatable Xtreme Gaming to culminate their PGL Wallachia run. The winner will get a lion's share of the million-dollar prize pool.

An exciting Yatoro-Ame finale

A lot of fans are excited to see this Grand Finals because of the carry duo that is about to clash. Yatoro and Ame are constantly under the spotlight as they both have mutual respect and admiration for each other.

Xtreme Gaming looks incredibly strong with an undefeated streak. But Ame also has never won a BO5 against Yatoro and Team Spirit. Which outcome will we see? The Grand Finals is currently live and you spectate the showdown on PGL's Twitch.