The Crownfall Update is out – Reclaiming the Throne, the Treasures and more! cover image

The Crownfall Update is out – Reclaiming the Throne, the Treasures and more!

The Crownfall update for Dota 2 is finally here! Come join us as we dive into everything that the update has to offer!

The Crownfall Patch has finally arrived! As the Dota 2 community rejoices in the update, there's a ton of new content to unpack. There's of course the brand new treasures and the two new arcanas. But, also coming in the update is a brand new story, and a completely new adventure game for Dota 2 players to embark upon. So without further ado, let's dive into the Crownfall update.

Reclaiming the Throne

The first part of the Crownfall update is the story of the whole update. The Ascension Day comic was released early today, which introduces us to the Crownfall storyline. In short, Shendelzare (AKA Vengeful Spirit) had her throne usurped by her sister Imperia. But now with the help of the god Scree'Auk, Skywrath Mage and Vengeful Spirit plan to take the throne back and get their revenge. You can read the full comic here.

Included in the Crownfall update is an adventure that continues the story of Ascension Day. Players will need to guide the newly empowered Vengeful Spirit and Skywrath Mage through the streets of Skywrath to take back the throne. Compared to previous Battle Passes with a branching path for one of three sets, this map has significantly more rewards, minigames and side quests! However, the best part is that players can earn shop coins, which if a player has enough can provide a discount on anything in the Crownfall Store.

The Crownfall Update's Rewards

Also making their debut in the Crownfall update are two brand new treasures. Both Crownfall Treasure 1 and Crownfall Treasure 2 contain 25 unique items for players to collect throughout the event. As per typical recent treasures for Dota 2 events, you can recycle unwanted treasures for a bonus treasure. There are sets for the following heroes:

Crownfall Treasure 1
Crownfall Treasure 2
Skywrath Mage
Nature's Prohpet
Naga Siren
Legion Commander
Queen of Pain
Keeper of the Light
Shadow Shaman
Ancient Apparition
Wraith King - Rare
Hookwink - Rare
Silencer - Rare
Zeus - Rare
Meepo - Very Rare
Drow Ranger - Very Rare
Crystal Maiden - Ultra Rare
Ursa - Ultra Rare
Courier - Cosmically Rare
Courier - Cosmically Rare

The Crownfall Arcanas

And of course, we can't forget about the two stars of the show, the Arcanas. Both Arcanas for Vengeful Spirit and Skywrath Mage that are featured in the Crownfall update have the standard Arcana package. Meaning that the Arcanas come with a brand new model, animations, effects, hero assets and lore stuffed Arcana voice lines. Each Arcana is retailing for $34.99 USD, however by playing the Reclaim the Throne minigame, a discount can be applicable.

This is only the first act of the four part series of the Crownfall update. So, suffice to say, Dota 2 players are eating well for the next while. As the story unfolds, we'll be sure to update on the overall story, and the best ways to gain loot.

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