You are no longer guaranteed a single Crimson Witness treasure even though you spend $700 on the tickets for the international 2024.

Valve recently announced the ticket sales details for The International 2024. This premier Dota 2 event will take place this September in Copenhagen, Denmark. Dota fans will be able to attend the finals weekend in person. Tickets for the three-day event cost nearly $700. However, despite the insanely high price, you are not guaranteed to receive a Crimson Witness treasure this year.

Crimson Witness Treasure is not guaranteed this year

The price of tickets for The International (TI) has become a controversial topic in the Dota 2 community after rising significantly over the past two years. Last year's TI2023 in Seattle had three-day passes costing $699 plus fees. And the upcoming TI2024 in Copenhagen has announced that its three-day passes is priced at 4740 DKK, approximately $690.

Looking at the figures, it might seem that tickets for TI2024 are slightly cheaper than last year, although both years were extremely expensive. But is this really the case? This brings us to the Crimson Witness Treasure, well known to Dota 2 players.

These treasures only drop into the Steam accounts of those who join TI in LANs. That's why they're very expensive. The price of a Crimson Witness Treasure 2023 on the market is now more than $200. According to the official Dota 2 website, last year you were guaranteed to get at least one Crimson Witness Treasure. However, this has changed this year.

The price of the Crimson Witness Treasure 2023
The price of the Crimson Witness Treasure 2023

TI tickets comparison between 2023 and 2024

Valve's ticket information for 2023 explicitly stated that buying a three-day pass would guarantee a Crimson Witness 2023 Treasure.

  • Tickets will be sold as a three-day pass for the full event, priced at $699 USD + Fees per pass
  • Attendees who bind their Steam account to their pass will be granted one Treasure of the Crimson Witness 2023 (and will continue to have chances to win more throughout the event)
The International 2023 Ticket Sales

However, the details for The International 2024 only mention that these treasures will be randomly dropped when the First Blood happens, which means that you may not get any.

How do Crimson Witness Treasures work this year?
Everyone who has bound their attendee badge to their Steam account will be eligible for random Crimson Witness Treasure drops on the First Blood of each game at The International. Each badge binding is valid for a single day.

The International 2024 Ticket Sales

This means that while the price may seem slightly lower, considering the lack of a guaranteed Crimson Witness treasure worth around $200, this year's tickets are actually more expensive. This does not even take into account the difference in income and price levels between Seattle and Copenhagen.

Comparing ticket information for The International over the past three years, We could see a doubling in the price of TI tickets.

The International 2022
The International 2023
The International 2024
Three-day Ticket PriceApproximately $434$699 + feesApproximately $685
Crimson Witness DropRandomGuaranteed one + randomRandom

What do you all think about the price of TI tickets? Will you give it a go?

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