Ceb has to step away due to a family emergency.

A last-minute change sees Ceb absent from OG in today's The International 2024 (TI13) WEU Qualifier. Russian player, Aleksandr "Immersion" Khmelevskoi , steps in to fill in his position for the Upper Bracket series against Entity.

Ceb steps away from TI 2024 WEU Quals for family emergency

Today, the Western European region continued the third day of its TI qualifier battle. The second matchup of the day pits OG against Entity and the winner is set to advance to the Semifinals.

However, fans quickly noticed the absence of Ceb during the drafting phase. The position 5 is played by Immersion instead.

A while after the first game started, OG then posted an official announcement regarding Ceb's absence, disclosing that he has to step away due to a family emergency.

Ceb has a family emergency and unfortunately cannot join us for the series today. We send him all our love and support. Immersion will be standing in as position 5, we are super grateful for his help and for joining us last minute.


Despite the last-minute change up, OG managed to grab a quick first win against Entity. The second game will unfold right after and decide if OG or Entity gets to continue their Upper Bracket run.

Fortunately for the team, it seems like Ceb will only be away for today as OG stated in the announcement. The next two days will be a crucial time for OG as the qualifier nears the end. It will decide the top 2 teams of the region who will become the final teams to join TI 2024.

North America, South America, China, and Eastern Europe have concluded their TI 2024 Qualifiers. You can find the regional winners here!

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