Tundra Esports succeeded in their revenge against Stockholm Major winners through a swift 17-min beatdown with a mid Clockwerk.

Tundra Esports is looking absolutely incredible with two 2-0s in the bag. They first won against the Division 2 runner-up, Alliance. And now they were able to pull off a victory against OG, who once robbed them of theirs at the ESL One Stockholm Major.

Game One - An impressive comeback by Tundra

OG v. Tundra game 1 final score
OG v. Tundra game 1 final score

OG decided to make things interesting by having Ammar switch roles with Taiga, who often did this when playing for Team Liquid. On top of that, OG’s lineup was 80 percent intelligent heroes. 

The first half of the game completely favored OG. Bzm’s Batrider seemed to have full control of the map, especially when he picked up Boots of Travel in 10 minutes. Meanwhile, Taiga’s Enigma opted to rush Wraith Pact around the 14th-minute mark, which was around six to seven minutes faster in this patch. Tundra seemed to have no edge against OG, with Skitter’s Razor struggling heavily in securing farm and levels.

However, OG ran out of steam 20 minutes into the game. Every team fight started to become more challenging. Yuragi’s Weaver advantage completely petered out. Saksa’s Doom constantly picked the Weaver out, rendering his Linken’s Sphere utterly useless with the Fae Grenade and Doom combo.

The tables overturned and OG tapped out after one last smoke gank attempt that went completely sideways. OG would have to reconsider whether they would want to put Ammar in a support role again as it was truly unnerving to see Ammar at the bottom of the net worth chart.

Game Two - Not even close!

OG v. Tundra game 2 final score
OG v. Tundra game 2 final score

Tundra utterly destroyed OG forcing them to surrender in 17 minutes, making this game one of fastest stomps this DPC season. 

This time OG went back to their comfort heroes such as Ammar Mars and Yuragi Monkey King. They expected better results but instead were blindsided by Tundra’s unorthodox mid Clockwerk pickup. Nine had full command over the game. He dominated the laning phase against bzm’s Void Spirit securing an early first blood and a major level advantage against the Void Spirit.

After reaching level six, Nine immediately rotated to other lanes, affirming the Clockwerk's power spike with his hookshot. He finished his Orchid not long after, and everything began to snowball since then. Nine was completely unstoppable and was able to pick off every one from OG with ease. Almost every single kill had Nine’s name branded on it.

The game concluded early within 17 minutes with a final score 13-2 in Tundra’s favor.

"Clock was good and maybe it has a place in the mid lane" - Nine

A post-match interview was held with Nine, and he was asked why he thought Clockwerk was a viable mid hero. He responded that Clockwerk was good specifically for the second game against OG. 

He needed a fast-pace hero that was able to run down mid and could easily gank other lanes. He considered picking Tiny, but was concerned that the hero had too many requirements to fulfill such as having a good laning phase or getting an efficient blink dagger timing.

On the other hand, he believed Clockwerk was the right choice because even if he were to lose the lane, he would still be able to pose a threat to OG’s lineup once he has his hookshot.

Even if I don't have a good lane, I will get my level six and I will be dangerous in the map. I don't need items or anything. And that was the whole reason why I thought Clock was good and maybe it has a place in the mid lane.


With that, Tundra once again proved to be the best pioneers in shaping the game’s meta.

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