Higround is officially collaborating with Naruto.

Higround, the popular gaming keyboard company, just announced its newest collaboration, and many fans are ecstatic. Partnering with the popular anime, Naruto, Higround keyboards are about to up their level, helping gamers become the next Hokage.

While the keyboards have not exactly hit the market yet, gamers can sign up for early access, in hopes of acquiring one through the upcoming drop.

Here is all the information you need on the new Higround x Naruto collaboration.

Higround x Naruto gaming keyboards: How much are they and where to get them

The new Higround x Naruto keyboards are one of a kind, with a few different designs that people can choose from. The only tough part about acquiring one of these keyboards is the fact that they are only available through a limited drop.

So when do the Higround x Naruto gaming keyboards drop? March 22 at 12 pm PST.

Those looking to get one of the keyboards will have to do so by signing up for Higround's early access list here.

At the moment, there are no actual prices listed for the Naruto gaming keyboards, but Higround's prices range anywhere from $120 to $300.

The collaboration has four different keyboard designs, which feature popular characters from the anime.

Naruto keyboard

The first keyboard in the drop features the infamous Naruto as he his famous Rasengan move. The keyboard has an orange coloring to it, following the design of Naruto's outfit. Being the star of the show, this keyboard is bound to sell out fast.

Kakashi keyboard

The second keyboard in the Higround x Naruto collection features Kakashi, Naruto's famous sensei. With his Chidori move in action, the keyboard shows the anime character getting ready to charge at his opponent.

Sasuke keyboard

It wouldn't feel right to have a Naruto gaming keyboard collection without including Sasuke. With his Sharingan active, this keyboard shows off a fierce side to the popular anime character. One can only imagine how popular this keyboard is going to be.

Itachi keyboard

The final keyboard in the collection, and also a personal favorite, is the Higround x Naruto gaming keyboard that features Itachi. With his allegiance being to the Akatsuki, this keyboard is perfect for those who are huge fans of Sasuke's brother.

Additional information about the upcoming drop

Those not able to afford or grab one of the new Naruto keyboards will be lucky to learn that the collaboration with Higround also features a few other items too. Items such as a t-shirt, mouse pads and more will also be included in the drop.

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