The project is inspired by Street Fighter. Prominent esports players work on the game.

Indie development studio Red Moon Workshop has announced Shot One Fighters. The studio partnered with legendary people from the fighting games community (FGC) to ensure the competitive level supports the visual beauty of the game's virtual environment. This post details the project.

What is Shot One Fighters?

According to the official description, this fighting game is inspired by the Street Fighter series, and specifically Street Fighter III and Street Fighter IV.

That doesn’t mean it is an old-school game. The developers want to recreate the arcade style of fighting games within the modern gaming culture. No pixel art or clumsy animations are in sight. Shot One Fighters is set in a colorful anime-like futuristic world, and it looks pretty modern, with some remote vibes of Fortnite.

It would be great to tell you how it feels to play Shot One Fighters, but it is too early to do so. The game was playable at Pax East 2023 — and it was an early build.

We do have some screenshots and premises, but only the future will show how good Shot One Fighters is as a fighting game.

The participation of two prominent figures from the FGC makes us rather optimistic about the future release.

Shot One Fighters start screen (Image via
Shot One Fighters start screen (Image via

Justin Wong and JMcrofts work on Shot One Fighters

There is no need to introduce Justin Wong to people in the FGC. Anyone with even a passing interest in fighting games is likely to have encountered his tournament appearances or video content.

Justin Wong, famed for his participation in Evo Moment 37, has won nine Evolution Championship Series (Evo) titles. He also plays an impressive range of games on the top-most level.

Well, what is the connection between Justin Wong and Shot One Fighters? The developers say that this legend directly works on their game, advising them on how to make it properly balanced and competitively interesting. 

It’s an important moment, as some other projects nicely deliver the gaming component, but fail in the competitive department. 

Justin Wong should guarantee the FGC that everything is alright with Shot One Fighters. He also is going to promote the game on his channels, so let’s wait for some content from him.

John "JMcrofts" Crofts is a fighting game content creator, commentator, and competitor. He also works on Shot One Fighters, supporting its competitive perfection with his profound expertise.

Having these two professionals as advisors of the development team is a step in the right direction for Red Moon Workshop. The example of Skullgirls shows the heights an indie fighting game can reach with a good approach. 

Release date of Shot One Fighters

The release date of this fighting game is still unknown. To be honest, it’s too early to talk about it. Trailers should show Shot One Fighters gameplay. Proper testing and community feedback from the FGC gatherings should improve it.

We will inform you when we know specific dates. 

Who are the Red Moon Workshop developers?

This studio has grown from a group of creators who worked on various assets for CS:GO and Dota 2. It’s quite a boost for the developers to start a fighting game.

Shot One Fighters characters

The known roster of this fighting game is still rather small. We have information about these characters:

  • Oz — Chairman of the Shot One tournament
  • Volley — A girl mechanic
  • Keira — A blue fox
  • Pixel — A fighting robot
  • B.E.A.R. — A robot-computer (unplayable NPC)

Gameplay of Shot One Fighters

The developers have not yet released a gameplay trailer. So far, we only know that the game's premise is to revive the tradition of old arcade games in the modern era.

That's all for now. Stick around on for more news and updates.

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