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All Fortnite Chapter 5 Reality Augments explained

Here is every Reality Augment in Fortnite Chapter 5!

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 has brought back the Reality Augment system. This perk mechanic allows players to build a loadout of special performance boosts, enabling them to gain an edge over their opponents. In each game, you can earn up to four Reality Augments of varying functions.

Today, provides you with a complete guide for Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 Reality Augments, including what the icons look like and an explanation of each one.

Fortnite Chapter 5 Reality Augments: Complete list and explanation

This information arrived via Fortnite leaker HYPEX during the Chapter 5 Season 1 downtime. He posted a screenshot of all Reality Augments that will be available to players this season. Some are old and others are new, so let's dive into each one and see what they do.

Augment Name
Barrier Breaker
Weapons with a muzzle break mod deal increased structure damage. Gain a Rare weapon with a muzzle break mod.
Magazine Munitions
Receive ammo when reloading a weapon with a Drum Mag. Gain a Rare weapon with a Drum Mag.
Soothing Slap
Gain Slap energy regen after using any healing consumable.
Pinpoint P2X
Enemies are revealed when hit by a weapon with a P2X Optic. Gain a Rare weapon with a P2X Optic.
Cluster Collector
Gain 2 Cluster Clingers. Eliminations grant additional Cluster Clingers.
Agile Mending
Reduce movement speed penalty while channeling healing items.
Dragon Armory
Receive a Dragon's Breath Shotgun and Flame Blow.
Ammo Drop
Instantly gain ammo. Eliminated players drop additional ammo.
Explosive Surplus
Instantly gain Rocket ammo and gain additional Rocket ammo when opening containers.
Extended Mag
Weapons have greatly increased magazine size.
Fatigue Reload
Once per full stamina bar, when your stamina is depleted, reload your equipped weapon instantly.
Gain a random movement buff whenever you eat a Forgeable.
On The Go Bag
Instantly gain mobility consumables and gain additional mobility consumables when opening containers.
Green Thumb
Gathering Forgeable items triples the amount gathered.
Gun Game
Receive a new weapon each time you eliminate an opponent. Low rarity weapons yield better chances.
Snowy Speed
Gain some icy speed when sprinting and sliding.
Laser Precision
Weapons with a Laser mod deal slightly increased headshot damage. Gain a Rare weapon with a Laser mod.
Light Flow Bullets
Gain Flow low gravity for a few seconds after firing a weapon with light ammo.
Flow Finder
Gain a FlowBerry Fizz, and get a splash of Flow when opening any container.
Rare Riches
Randomly receives numerous gold Bars, a Ballistic Shield, or a Grapple Blade.
Marksman Headshots
Marksman Rifle headshots deal increased damage.
Mini Reward
Instantly gain Mini Shields and gain additional Mini Shields when opening containers.
Ninja Training
Increased movement speed while crouching.
Shield Suppressor
Weapons with Suppressors deal increased damage to shields. Gain a Rare weapon with a Suppressor.
Balloon Fall
Player receives balloons after falling for a second.
Water Rifter
Get rifted into the air when you swim into a Fishing Spot or if you stay in the water for 15 seconds.

That covers all of the Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 Reality Augments available upon launch. Check back here as we plan to update this throughout the season.

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