Ally Bank is teaming up with USGA for a new Fortnite map.

It seems like everyone is trying to find a hand within the Fortnite Creative universe, and for good reason too. Ally Bank, who began their journey in Fortnite Creative back in 2023, is officially teaming up with the United States Golf Association (USGA) to host the latest Fortnite Fan Experience.

Here are the details.

Ally Bank x USGA: The ultimate Speedrun Challenge

Back in 2023, Ally Bank created their very own Fortnite map. Through a series of activations, the company advertised the map by hosting large tournaments and having a plethora of streamers and content creators play the map.

With their success, the company has officially decided to create another Fortnite map, this time with USGA.

So what exactly is the map?

USGA gets their own golf map in Fortnite

The map, created by Ally Bank, is a golf simulator that allows gamers to play the sport in Fortnite. There is a twist, though.

The "Tee Time Speedrun" map not only allows the players to play golf, but they also must become the ball, traveling around the map as fast as they can. Yes, you read that right. You are to become one with the golf ball.

The map features nine holes and three custom courses.

Ally is offering money to the top players

Not only can you play the map for fun, but you could also win a big chunk of change. Ally Bank is giving away $25,000 during this activation. The overall winner, whoever has the highest score by June 23, 2024, will win $10,000 and a free trip to the 2025 US Open.

Want to check out the map? Do so by putting in the map code in Fortnite Creative.

Tee Time Speedrun map code:

  • 0524-4031-4301

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