The Carefree Fortnite Emote is now available!

The Carefree Emote has joined Fortnite as the latest Icon Series collaboration, which turns popular songs and dances into Emotes. Fortnite has added many of these over the last few weeks, recognizing talented artists worldwide. Now, players can rock the Carefree Emote after eliminating their opponent, and we are here to explain its origin and how to unlock it.

What is the origin of the Carefree Fortnite Emote?

Fortnite has turned the song "Pretty Girl Era" by LU KALA into the Carefree Emote, using a portion of the track and the artist's dance choreography. LU KALA is a Congolese-Canadian singer who broke onto the scene in 2019 after performing at the Canadian Music Week. Since then, she has appeared on the song "Lottery" by Latto, which hit the Billboard Top 100 just last year.

The artist currently boasts more than 440K TikTok followers, regularly posting videos of her life while flexing her talents as a singer and performer. LU KALA wholesomely reacted to the Carefree Fortnite Emote. Players can now take down their opponents and shine them with LU KALA's original creation.

How to unlock the Emote

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The Carefree Fortnite Emote debuted in the Item Shop on March 1, 2024, and you can purchase it for 500 V-Bucks, which is typical for the recent Icon Series Emotes. You will find the Emote under the Original Spotlight category, which contains The Brat Bundle and additional cosmetics.

After purchasing the Emote, you can equip it directly from the follow-up screen or by going to your locker and setting it as one of your primary Emotes. It's unclear how long this in-game dance will be available. You may want to grab it before it's too late as we move toward Chapter 5 Season 2!

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