Popular artist, Don Toliver, is releasing his own map in Fortnite.

It is no secret that Fortnite Creative has taken the gaming world by storm. New maps and games are being released daily, some of them having more players than the traditional Battle Royale mode. Celebrities, like Don Toliver, are also hopping on the Fortnite Creative bandwagon.

The popular multi-platinum artist is releasing his very own game within Fortnite Creative, turning quite a few heads.

Don Toliver releases "Hardstone" game in Fortnite

It's not every day that you see a popular celebrity release his own Fortnite map. But it does happen quite a bit. To go along with the release of his new album, Hardstone Psycho, Toliver is giving gamers a sweet new racing game.

And yes, it was made in Fortnite.

Toliver's long-time love for gaming gave him the perfect idea to release his very own mini-game in Fortnite alongside his album release.

“I’ve been playing Fortnite for years, so this is a huge moment for me to bring my world into the game”, said Toliver. “This is a next-level creative moment in my career and it's crazy that my fans will actually get to experience Psycho Valley and music from my new album this way.”

So what exactly is Hardstone?

A look at Don Toliver's new game, Hardstone

Hardstone is played in teams of eight, forming rival biker gangs that will have to face off against one another. Throughout the map, there will be different locations players will have to capture that go along directly with Toliver's new album.

“We had a blast working alongside Don on bringing Hardstone to Fortnite. His love for gaming really came through - it was amazing to watch him be so hands-on in the entire process. Every square inch of this game has his fingerprints on it,” said Joseph Khoury, SVP of A&R and Marketing.

The creators even were able to work alongside some big companies within the gaming world.

"We had the most collaborative partners in Metavision and 3D Lab who were in it with us every step of the way and helped bring Don’s vision to life.”

Hardstone release date

Hardstone will officially release in Fortnite on June 10, 2024. Prepare your engines, because things are about to get wild!

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