Do you believe Fortnite LAN events should stray away from the traditional Battle Royale?

If you follow esports, you know that ESL is one of the largest organizations within the gaming space. From massive tournaments all around the world, ESL has helped pave the way for many games within the esports world. While the company has helped with past Fortnite events at DreamHack, it seems as if ESL is now heading down the Fortnite Creative route.

Many gamers and Fortnite fans are incredibly upset about this. Here is why.

ESL to dive into Fortnite Creative, making the future of Battle Royale LANs up in the air

It is easy to note, that Fortnite: Battle Royale LANS have been somewhat rare recently. With the last major one being in Denmark for the Fortnite Globals, we have not seen an actual LAN event in a minute.

ESL, though, has been teaming up with DreamHack, Gamers8 and more for a while now, bringing fans massive tournaments in many different games. Even Fortnite has had some huge Build and Zero Build events in the past.

Now, though, it seems as if ESL is pointing its trajectory towards Fortnite Creative.

In a recent announcement, the company declared that their new Fortnite division will solely include Creative, having 4v4 tournaments. These tournaments will include Capture the Flag, Hardpoint and Shrinking Zone game modes.

While many gamers are extremely excited about this upcoming series, many are wondering if this means the end to Battle Royale tournaments outside of FNCS. The truth of the matter is, that DreamHack and Gamers8 were the only companies still hosting Battle Royale events.

Does this mean DreamHack events will now be Fortnite Creative events? We already saw last summer with the Olympics that many organizations were taking the Fortnite Creative route. So what is next for all the Battle Royale competitors?

Creators speak out on the new change

While many different creators have given their thoughts on the new ESL Fortnite division, a few have truly stood out.

MonsterDFace, a popular Fortnite competitive caster, gave his thoughts on the matter: "Fortnite's Battle Royale game mode is incredibly complex," MonsterDFace said on Twitter. "Which leads to extremely rewarding satisfaction whenever you eliminate a player or win a game."

MonsterDFace's words rang loudly within the community.

"I say all this to say that Creative is cool and all... but Battle Royale will always be King in my opinion and that won't change until the Creative community can begin implementing the above."

Fortnite is always evolving, and that is what makes the game so great. But sometimes change does not bring the excitement we all hope for. Hopefully, these tournaments end up finding a solid middle ground to please everyone.

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