Take a look at everything to expect in Fortnite’s next update.

Leakers have already confirmed on Twitter everything to expect in next week's Fortnite update (29.30) and it seems like we are going to get a lot of great content. From Battle Royale content to Fortnite Festival content, it seems like we are getting quite the Fortnite fix.

Here is everything confirmed for Fortnite's next update.

Fortnite update: Everything confirmed for 29.30

The 29.30 Fortnite update has a lot of content for players to explore. Obviously, the Battle Royale mode is the most popular, so let's talk about everything we can expect for next week.

Return of the Tactical AR in Fortnite update

The Tactical AR is officially making its return to the Fortnite island. While this gun's bloom may be a bit heavier than other ARs, it has a fire rate that makes other guns look weak. Not only that, but its scope abilities will give players a chance to really hone in on their sights.

The gun was first released back in Chapter 1, and since that has been seen on the island multiple times. This, however, will be the first time the gun has been available with interchangeable scopes.

LEGO Fortnite Edit Styles

Edit Styles are officially coming to LEGO Fortnite. This means your favorite skins that have multiple options in the Battle Royale, will now also include multiple options in LEGO Fortnite.

Details on the new Edit Styles in LEGO Fortnite have not yet been released, so whether or not every skin will have them is unknown.

Fortnite Festival Season 3

Probably the biggest news for next week is the release of Fortnite Festival Season 3. This means a brand new Icon Artist will be emerging, giving players a whole new list of songs to choose from.

We have already had The Weeknd and Lady Gaga, so who will our next Icon Artist be? Will it be another pop artist? Or will we get a rapper? Maybe even a rock band? Seems like we will have to wait for Fortnite to make an official announcement.

With the Coachella event featuring Doja Cat and Sabrina Carpenter in Fortnite, many are speculating that one of those too will be the next featured Icon Artist. Only time will tell, though.

Item Shop "Billboard" feature

The Fortnite Item Shop is about to get a whole lot busier. With little to no details announced, we do know that the Item Shop will be getting a new Billboard feature in the next update.

This will reshape how the Item Shop works and functions. Hopefully, it's not too confusing of a change, though. As of now, we know little about what this means, but it is easy to assume that they are just going to change the layout.

There will be much more in next week's update, but you will have to wait to find out and see what's in store.

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