Here is what we expect from the confirmed Fallout x Fortnite collaboration.

Fortnite has dropped a significant teaser, some would call it a bombshell, ahead of the Chapter 5 Season 3 launch. The game's official social media accounts have confirmed a Fallout x Fortnite collaboration will occur next season. Although the expectations are unclear, the season's supposed 'apocalypse' theme paints a perfect backdrop for this crossover. Here's everything we know so far about this teaser.

What to expect with the Fallout x Fortnite collaboration

It's pretty early to accurately predict what Epic Games and Bethesda have planned for this collaboration. At the very least, fans can expect in-game cosmetic items. Based on the gas mask character depicted in the image, it's possible this could be a Fallout x Fortnite skin.

Additionally, Epic Games could have plans for a Fallout point of interest (POI) on the Chapter 5 Season 3 map. However, that would depend on the level of this crossover. We expect to learn more as leaks surface over the coming weeks. For reference, Chapter 5 Season 3 is slated to begin on Friday, May 24.

A massive Fallout x Fortnite teaser dropped on May 21, depicting what players can expect. The clip showcases the Brotherhood of Steel, presumably a Fortnite skin in the upcoming season. Additionally, you can spot a new healing item, potentially Nuka-Cola, and a Harpoon Gun.

How did this collaboration come to be?

It's not surprising to see Fallout and Fortnite come together for a collaboration. The Fallout TV series on Amazon Prime recently launched to an incredible reception. The series holds a 93% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, validating a crossover with Fortnite. Epic Games and Bethesda have also recently collaborated to bring cosmetics centered around The Elder Scrolls and Doom, two games under the Bethesda umbrella.

Although the details are murky, Fallout's appearance in Fortnite was inevitable. Epic Games has not shied away from bringing intellectual properties from outside the game's universe. With one week remaining until the new season, we will be sure to update this article as more details come to light.

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