Fortnite Crew March 2024: How to unlock Katt cover image

Fortnite Crew March 2024: How to unlock Katt

Katt claws its way into Fortnite in just a few days!

The Fortnite Crew subscription service has provided 40 exclusive skins to members since its inception in December 2020 without missing a beat. With just a few days remaining in February, Epic Games is gearing up for the Fortnite Crew March 2024 release, which puts a unique twist on a fan-favorite character.

Here is everything you need to know about the next Fortnite Crew skin, Katt.

Fortnite Crew March 2024: Katt release date and first look

During the Fortnite v28.30 update downtime, leakers revealed that a character named "Katt" is the newest addition to the Fortnite Crew lineup. A fun version of Kitt, who debuted in Chapter 2 Season 3, Katt is the cute and cuddly cat character piloting a giant mech suit. Although the relation between Kitt and Katt is unclear, Reddit user Chance-Order-5385 has theorized that Katt and Kitt are twins. The two are the children of Meowscles and Lynx.

With the lore explained, here's a list of everything included in the Fortnite Crew March 2024 collection:

  • Katt Outfit
  • Ro-Boy Back Bling
  • Catanna Pickaxe

What is Fortnite Crew? How to subscribe and how to cancel

Fortnite's membership offers various benefits beyond just the in-game cosmetics. On top of the skin, back bling, and pickaxe, subscribers will receive 1,000 V-Bucks and the seasonal Battle Pass. Those looking to enlist can do so for $11.99 per month without commitment, meaning you can subscribe and cancel as you wish. You can enroll in Fortnite Crew in-game or directly on Fortnite's website.

Those looking to cancel can refer to this article, which explains how to terminate your membership. The membership may be worthwhile depending on how frequently you play Fortnite. Regardless, the Fortnite Crew March 2024 offering will generate interest because it's unique and exclusive. We'll provide more updates once Epic Games officially announces the collection.

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