Wondering why your weekly quests are not showing up in Fortnite?

It is a sad day when you find out Fortnite's next update is delayed. The popular Battle Royale, which has weekly updates, has had to push its next update back a few days. This means that Week 3 Quests will not be released until then.

But does this mean that Week 4 Quests will also be delayed? Or will players just have less time to complete Week 3 Quests?

Fortnite delays Week 3 Quests

Many gamers have been scrambling to the internet to see why Fortnite's Week 3 Quests are not showing up. Sadly, it is because the game has had to push back their weekly update.

"This week's v30.10 release is planned for Thursday 6/13," said Epic Games on Twitter. "Fortnite will be offline for a few hours of downtime, and we'll follow up with exact timings for this soon."

Usually, the game's downtime happens on Tuesdays, giving players an entire week to complete the quests. Sadly, it seems as if this week will provide gamers with a bit less time.

"Please note that Battle Royale Week 3 Quests will not be available upon the timer rolling over tomorrow, and they will instead arrive with our v30.10 game update."

The new update has been anticipated by many, as we are expecting a new Mythic item and the Metallica collaboration, too. Hopefully, there will be no more delays and we can get this week's update by Thursday.

Are you excited for Metallica in Fortnite?

Many rockers have been hyped for the Metallica x Fortnite collaboration. Well, it seems like this week we will finally get the cosmetics and music. Those who love Fortnite Festival will be able to rock out to their favorite metal jams, and those who play the Battle Royale will be able to fight while wearing some head-banging skins.

What part of the new update are you most excited about?

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