Jubi Slide emote missing in Fortnite? Here’s why cover image

Jubi Slide emote missing in Fortnite? Here’s why

It’ll slide back into the store soon.

The Jubi Slide emote has been removed from Fortnite. But, why has Epic Games removed the iconic dance move?

Epic Games has the power to remove anything they so desire from Fortnite. However, they typically do it when they have no other choice. So, there must be a good reason.

What is Jubi Slide emote?

The Jubi Slide, otherwise known as the Slickback is a dance move that went viral on social media over the past year. The move appears as if the dancer is floating on the ground as they essentially drift sideways. 

As the person moves, their foot is placed in front of the other. The dance move is usually paired with LAKIM’s “A Pimp Named Slickback”, and seen on social media platforms like TikTok or Instagram. It’s a pretty trippy thing to see if you have never seen it before. 

Where is the Jubi Slide in Fortnite?

The Jubi Slide emote in Fortnite has been removed from the storefront. While it hasn’t been explicitly stated, the community deciphered why it’s been taken out of Fortnite—it’s because it’s basically the same as another emote.

Currently, the developers are taking a “close look” at the emote, according to a February 26 tweet by FortniteStatus. But, it’s pretty safe to say, it looks eerily similar to another emote called the Slide Shuffle. It seems the only difference is the speed at which it slides. However, the Jubi Slide also makes the player look like they’re floating, slightly more so than the Slide Shuffle.

As for when it’s coming back, we aren’t sure. However, we’ll likely see more emotes come by to replace the Jubi Slide before it returns. Who knows, it might not ever come back. We’ll just have to wait until the Epic Games overlords allow us to purchase it from the store, once again. 

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