The legendary Midas is coming back to Fortnite!

Midas is one of Fortnite's most beloved original characters who debuted in Chapter 2 Season 2. Once upon a time, Midas was the boss of Fortnite and the primary antagonist for a brief period. Midas has not returned, although he has been lurking in the complicated lore. However, that is due to change very shortly. Here is everything we know about Midas coming back to Fortnite.

When is Midas coming back to Fortnite?

Fortnite's next game update is named v29.01, and it marks the return of Midas as an in-game non-playable character (NPC). According to reputable leakers, the "Rise of Midas" patch brings the fan-favorite character back to the game. He arrives with the Midas Drum Gun–a direct callback to his "boss character" appearance in Chapter 2 Season 2.

The image above shows what version of Midas is coming back to Fortnite, but this is Midas like you have never seen him before. Given the Greek Mythology theme of Chapter 5 Season 2, Midas looks like a true Olympian ready to inflict damage on all who cross him. The update should be live around 9 or 10 a.m. ET on March 19.

What else can I expect in Fortnite v29.01?

Sure, Midas is coming back to Fortnite, but what else does Fortnite v29.01 have in store for players? Thankfully, leaker iFireMonkey provided a complete list of what to expect. The Floor is Lava limited-time mode (LTM) returns in the new update alongside a "Banana of the Gods" consumable, which a recent Fortnite Storyline Quest teased.

Here's what you can expect per iFireMonkey:

  • Golden Chickens that lay golden eggs (gives gold)
  • Drum Gun Enabled + Boss Midas Drum Gun
  • Chain of Hades enabled
  • The Floor is Lava LTM
  • Banana of the Gods consumable added + enabled
  • Midas Vending Machines & Station Consoles
  • Golden Weapon Upgrade Service (500 Bars, makes the weapon Gold and changes the rarity to Legendary)
  • New quests slowly releasing over the course of ~7 days
  • The Floor is Lava LTM (Guns enabled, basically every chest drops legendary rarity weapons and consumables)

Check here for a complete list of patch notes when the downtime ends!

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