While Fortnite may be lacking events, third-party tournaments are thriving cover image

While Fortnite may be lacking events, third-party tournaments are thriving

Fortnite may be lacking in events, but third-party organizers are making sure to give the community what they deserve.

It is no secret that OG Fortnite has brought back the largest player base Fortnite has ever seen. With that, Fortnite had multiple events a week planned, trying to immerse everyone into the competitive side of the Battle Royale.

Sadly, though, with many difficulties and issues, a great deal of these events had to be canceled.

With no Ranked Cups, FNCS events and more, many have been looking to third-party event organizers for their Fortnite competitive fix.

Third-party tournaments help keep Fortnite's competitive scene alive

FNCS Globals concluded this October. This means that there will be zero large competitive Fortnite events for the rest of the year. With some of the more anticipated cups also being canceled, many have been wondering just what to play in Fortnite.

Luckily, many large creators and organizers dropped in to save the day.

Tfue's $100,000 Fortnite tournament

If you are a part of the Fortnite scene, you probably heard of the infamous Tfue's return to glory. After being signed to Kick, Tfue officially announced his very own $100,000 Fortnite event. The event was held on November 21, 2023, and featured some of the biggest creators in the scene.

This was a huge win for the Fortnite community, as many of the classic competitors came back and joined up with more recent Fortnite stars to give fans some of the best action possible.

WOTE hosts a $75,000 All-Women's Fortnite event

WOTE, who have been hosting Fortnite events for quite some time now, put on another all-women's Fortnite tournament on November 20, 2023. With $75,000 on the line, this event had the best of the best women competitors within the Fortnite scene.

WOTE has been working hard to ensure that women have their space in esports, and events such as these do not go unnoticed.

BoomTV's $100,000 'Reunion' event

BoomTV, the team behind many large third-party Fortnite events, hosted a massive $100,000 tournament called "The Reunion." Yep, just as the name sounds, this tournament took all your favorite Fortnite creators from the past and teamed them with some of the top pros in Fortnite today.

The event was intense, it was fun and it even mixed up NA and EU servers. Not only that, but everyone had to play Zero Build matches and Battle Royale matches.

Many smaller third-party events are keeping the Fortnite community together

Whether it's a $200 prize pool or a $100,000 prize pool, many creators are also still hosting small events to give players something to look forward to. Creators such as ThePeachCobbler, ManuTV, OGLukky, unamusedbryson, Reddysh and more have put on multiple events with various different prize pools.

Hopefully, this just goes to show that the Fortnite community is thriving, whether or not the in-game tournaments are.

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