The top six teams from WOTE Qualifiers have earned spots in the Main Event.

WOTE Qualifiers featuring Fortnite took place on Mar. 16th and the six top duos have locked in their spots in the Women of the erena Main Event on Mar. 23rd. Two lobbies competed in four exciting games each where the top three duos from each lobby qualified for the Main Event. 

WOTE Qualifier 1

WOTE Qualifiers kicked off with Qualifier 1 which consisted of four games.

Emma Buns and Lili placed first in WOTE Qualifier 1. The duo was by far the most consistent in the lobby, earning a top four placement in all four games.

The team earned one victory royale in game three where they won in zero build. The team landed at Grim Gate where they picked up the Aspect of Agility medallion to utilize throughout their games. You can learn more about Grim Gate and Fortnite’s new season on! Emma Buns and Lili will be hoping to keep up their consistent placements in their first Main Event!

Image via Fortnite
Image via Fortnite

Amira and Silina finished in second place in Qualifier 1. The duo won game 2, a zero build game, while earning 8 eliminations in that game. The team consistently reached every end game, never placing lower than seventh. Amira and Silina will be looking to continue this streak in the duo’s first Main Event!

Ells and Riv placed third in Qualifier 1. With both players having previously played in multiple Main Events, the team was perhaps the most experienced in the lobby and they showed that right away. The duo started off hot by winning game 1, a builds game.

However, the team struggled in games 2 and 3, the zero build games, which saw them fall down to fifth place after three games. The duo kept their composure in game 4, another Builds game, where they continued dropping at Grand Glacier. The duo took height late in the game and rained fire on the lobby for the entire endgame where they earned the victory royale which vaulted them into the final qualification spot.

While Ells and Riv will certainly be reviewing their zero build strategies this week, they will be very confident with their builds strategy heading into the Main Event!

Image via Fortnite
Image via Fortnite

WOTE Qualifier 2

Next, WOTE Qualifiers continued with Qualifier 2 which also consisted of four games.

Image via erena
Image via erena

V1ctroria and Lucka placed first in WOTE Qualifier 2. V1ctroria has played in two previous Main Events and this is her first WOTE duoing with Lucka. Prior to WOTE Qualifiers, the duo has been dominating in third-party events and scrims.

Similarly to their success in scrims, they began the day by winning game 1 with 22 eliminations. The team played much more aggressively than any other duo. They earned another victory royale in game 3 with 13 eliminations. V1ctroria and Lucka were the only duo in either qualifier to win a game in both builds and zero build modes. They will be hoping their fast-paced style will continue to catch opponents off guard in the Main Event.

Rdupe and Milly finished in second place in Qualifier 2. Last November, the duo played the Main Event together in WOTE OG. Now, they have earned a spot in the Main Event again.

The team landed at Grim Gate where they collected the Aspect of Agility medallion, as well as Cerberus' mythic gatekeeper shotgun, and used it to boost their rotations throughout the matches. In the final game, Rdupe clutched a seventh place result by surviving almost two and a half minutes as a solo in the end game. As a result of these points, the duo ensured they had enough for a qualification spot. The duo will be hoping for more clutch moments in the Main Event!

Image via Fortnite
Image via Fortnite

Lastly, Kay and Gabs finished in third place in Qualifier 2 with an unbelievable final game to qualify. Before game 4, the team was in ninth place and knew they needed a lot to go their way to qualify. Kay and Gabs picked up seven eliminations as a duo before Gabs was knocked out in the endgame. Kay was left with limited materials and health.

After sneaking into zone, she found herself in a one-on-one situation with the final opponent building overhead. Kay sprayed her assault rifle and hit for 140 damage, earning the victory royale. Kay and Gabs qualified with only a five point lead over fourth place. This means that if Kay had lost the final gunfight and ended game 4 in second place, the duo would not have qualified. Kay and Gabs will be looking to create more clutch moments in their first Main Event!

Video via @wkayfn

Main Event on March 23

The top six duos from WOTE Qualifiers will play in the Main Event on Mar. 23. You can find all the details on the Main Event on