Nocturnal claimed that XSET will leave the esports industry.

It appears XSET, a major esports organization, will soon bow out of esports. Or at least that's what Apex Legends pro Brandon "oh Nocturnal" Singer revealed on his stream. He broke the news after Israel "Koyful" Lawrence had revealed XSET's withdrawal from Apex Legends after missing out on qualifying for LAN during the Split 1 Playoffs. Both players removed the XSET moniker from their profiles on X, though Brandon "FunFPS" Groombridge still has it up. Nocturnal claimed this is part of a bigger move from XSET wherein the organization is pulling out of all esports.

What did Nocturnal say about XSET leaving esports?

While it's clear from Nocturnal's stream that the Apex Legends roster was released, the player also claimed that XSET is leaving all esports.

They told us that they're pulling out of all esports in general. They're no longer interested in facilitating esports as a whole. They don't think it's profitable. Realistically, I don't think if we made LAN, they would have wanted to keep us as a roster. So that being said, XSET has pulled out of esports.


In addition to Apex Legends, XSET has active rosters in Fortnite, Warzone, and The Finals. It'll be interesting to see when the organization announces its decision publicly. Nocturnal revealed the news citing he's an unrestricted free agent alongside his alleged former teammates.

Nocturnal considering retirement from competitive Apex

Nocturnal further revealed on Stream that he's considering retirement after this. The team failed to qualify for the LAN playoffs through the Pro League. Now that the organization has a released roster, they're all free agents. While he did say him and FunFPS still want to be teammates, retirement is certainly in the cards if the setbacks continue.

XSET has yet to make any official announcement

It appears XSET has yet to announce their departure from esports publicly. The source of the news is Nocturnal, who claims he's now a free agent. We have also not yet heard from any of their other rosters about this news. This news comes after FaZe Clan released many esports players and other staff in a big reorganization. The organization itself was recently acquired by GameSquare.

If Nocturnal's claim is accurate, then XSET's departure will be significant. The Apex Legends roster includes talented players, and it appears that Koyful himself is looking to compete with another organization in the future.

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