A new fantasy MMO codenamed Ghost has been revealed by Fantastic Pixel Castle, a studio helmed by Greg “Ghostwalker” Street.

MMO fans are optimistic for the future of the genre following the unveiling of Ghost, a new MMO created by former World of Warcraft and Riot Games MMO developers. The new game was revealed on November 3 in posts by developers and the new studio.

Created by newly revealed studio Fantastic Pixel Castle, Ghost is helmed Greg “Ghostcrawler” Street (Age of Empires, World of Warcraft, League of Legends, Riot Games MMO), Bart Tiongson (Age of Empires, Halo Wars, Orc Must Die), and Brian Holinka (Homefront, Transformers, World of Warcraft).

Described as a “modernized fantasy MMORPG” the team's upcoming game is codenamed Ghost, and will reportedly cater to players who want an MMO that provides a community while still making characters special and heroic. The game is called “alt friendly” and will feature “dozen character classes.” 

The game will be divided into Blue Shards and Red Shards. Blue Shards will be more social, and community-based, and will be for friends and guilds. Meanwhile, Red Shards will be similar to traditional MMO open world spaces, with more combat, chances for PvP, and greater rewards.

The Ghost MMO project is apparently raider-friendly and will feature plenty of content for the hardcore players. But its Blue Shard idea, means that not everyone will have to grind like the most hardcore of end-game raider.

What’s more the studio appears to be taking a player focused method of creating the games, by doing what it calls “partnering with players.” The company is putting out call for developers and employees, stating that they want making games to be a “joyful” experience.

It’s certainly an exciting proposition. Greg Street is one of the most respected developers in the MMO space. His joining of Riot Games was blockbuster news, and his departure in 2022 even more headline grabbing, especially when Ghostcrawler himself seemingly implied philosophical differences between him and the Riot MMO team.

Now in a new role, at a new studio built from the ground up, we might get to see exactly what Ghostcrawler’s vision for a modern fantasy MMO like Ghost is. More information about the game will be released next week, in a live stream on November 8, 2:00p.m. ET, 11a.m. PT. on twitch.tv/fantasticpixelcastle. More information about Fantastic Pixel Castle and their Ghost project is available on their website.

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