Helldivers 2 February 20 patch 1.000.10 notes explained: Bug fixes galore cover image

Helldivers 2 February 20 patch 1.000.10 notes explained: Bug fixes galore

Be gone, crashes and bugs!

Helldivers 2 has already seen some patches since its release. But, Helldivers 2’s patch 1.000.10 has a few more fixes for gamers plagued with buggy gameplay.

Most patches have been tackling the various bugs and player-limit issues over the past few weeks. For now, it seems like Helldivers 2’s frequent crashes have been addressed. However, there’s always a chance they return in some other form.

Helldivers 2 February 20 patch notes 1.000.10 

(Image via Arrowhead Games Studio)
(Image via Arrowhead Games Studio)

According to the Helldivers 2's February 20 patch notes, crashing thanks to ragdoll momentum and destruction replicating will no longer be an issue. This paired with a mission-end rewards fix means crashes are far less likely than before.

What else happened in the patch?

(Image via Arrowhead Games Studio)
(Image via Arrowhead Games Studio)

Gamers experiencing black screens upon startup now have a potential fix. According to the notes, this was mainly due to the way platform authentication is handled. Hopefully, there won’t be any issues going further.  The difficulty of extracting civilian missions has also been tweaked, so prepare yourself for a different experience when you next log in. 

That’s not all:

  • The 100% block issue for PC gamers using quickplay matchmaking has been fixed
  • Improvements to the client
  • Improved backend communication for better performance
  • Automatic retry has been implemented to quickplay
  • Error Code 10002028 has been introduced as the proper login error 

There are still problems to be fixed

In the patch, the developers shared their long list of known problems. This likely means they’ll be addressed in the coming patches as other issues were the priority or they’ve just appeared. 

The known issues include:

  • Login Rate issues (people logging in at the same time)
  • Gamers getting disconnected during their sessions
  • Delayed or not attributed rewards and other progress
  • UI Issues
  • Freezing due to picking up certain items
  • Missing VO from the intro cutscene and Ship TV
  • Armor values not functioning as intended

Fear not, these issues will be fixed in time. All you have to do is keep playing and finding other problems that present themselves.