Helldivers 2 patch notes 1.000.12: Server cap increased cover image

Helldivers 2 patch notes 1.000.12: Server cap increased

Finally, you and your friends can log in.

Helldivers 2 has had multiple updates since its early February release. But, Helldivers 2 patch 1.000.12 might be one of the best yet for gamers who are fed up with queue times.

While it may not solve everything, it’s tackled a serious issue in the Helldivers 2 landscape. Hopefully, gamers won’t have to wait hours like they did only a few days ago.

Helldivers 2 patch notes 1.000.12

(Image via Arrowhead Games Studio)
(Image via Arrowhead Games Studio)

Arrowhead Games Studio has raised the server cap, according to the February 22 patch 1.000.12. Not only that, but players will no longer get stuck in cinematics for an extended period of time.

This particular issue has been plaguing Helldivers 2 players since its release. Gamers have also been stuck in the ship's loading screen, leading to people being forced to close their game entirely and restart their modems to solve the issue. 

Whether the patch 1.000.12 fixes this issue hasn’t been explicitly stated. But hopefully, players won’t get stuck in the ship’s loading screen anymore.

Are there still issues?

(Image via Arrowhead Games Studio)
(Image via Arrowhead Games Studio)

By god, yes. There are plenty of issues left for Arrowhead Games Studios to fix—and even the developers are aware.

The following issues are being tackled by the Arrowhead Games Studio crew:

  • PlayStation 5 gamers running into the error code 10003001 on the login screen
  • No text appearing for the Social Menu and Requisitions on Player HUD
  • Rewards not being displayed or attributed
  • UI issues 
  • Disconnecting players during their games
  • Picking up certain objects causes players to freeze
  • Missing voice-lines 
  • Games are not joinable while an influx of players are attempting to connect
  • Armor values not correctly functioning as intended

So, if you’re still running into these issues, you’ll have to suffer for a bit longer. But, since February 13, we’ve received eight updates for Helldivers 2. Patch 1.000.12 is just another update likely in a long list coming in the next few weeks.

With some luck, all the issues will be fixed in no time at all.

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