Pro WoW players smashed the level cap of new expansion Dragonflight in less than three hours.

The level cap for World of Warcraft’s latest expansion, Dragonflight, has been hit in just several hours by some of the game’s best players.

As reported by Method, a group of Korean players hit the level cap for the new expansion just hours after release. The tweet, posted at 5:46 p.m. PST, shows the group of Korean players having simultaneously hit level 70. While an official timing is not currently available, it's expected that this group hit the max level in under three hours.

The group was far and away faster than the racers on Method’s official RWF 70 Dragonflight stream, which pitted top players such as Shiekrunner, Naowh, and more against each other in a race to the level cap. The stream also tracked numerous top streamers such as Team Liquid Maximum and Echo’s Scripe. 

The race for World First level 70 and beyond

Method's coverage of the WoW Dragonflight RWF 70 (Screenshot via Method)
Method's coverage of the WoW Dragonflight RWF 70 (Screenshot via Method)

While the race for World First Dragonflight level 70 was over, there were still plenty of accolades to play for. Server first, region first, faction first, etc. were still all up for grabs. As a result, Method’s RWF stream continued late into the evening, featuring such guests as pro wrestler Brian Pillman Jr, and Shiekrunner, who would be competing.

But not everyone was engaged in the race. Players struggled to connect to World of Warcraft, and even as the first players hit 70, many had struggled with queues, errors, server malfunctions, and worse.

WoW launches are never without a hitch, and while it seems the general consensus is that this is better than some (or even most), inevitably some fans will be let down by the launch. Dragon Flight is less than 24 hours old though, and even though some are max level, many are still struggling to enjoy the dragon-riding action.