If you get into the Marvel Rivals Closed Alpha Test, you’ve got plenty to do with five modes and an esports tournament taking place.

The Marvel Rivals Closed Alpha Test kicks off on May 10. Leading into the game, we've been given snippets of what to expect. And now, the team working on the game has shared even more. An overview has been delivered with tons of information.

They've detailed the five modes available as well as the Dawn of Legends tournament. The 6v6 tournament has a decent prize pool for a game that is just in its testing phase. So, let's go over everything from the overview.

Marvel Rivals Closed Alpha Test - All available modes

(Image via Marvel)
(Image via Marvel)

NetEase has put a lot of effort into ensuring fans are hyped up for the Marvel Rivals Closed Alpha Test. If you aren't a part of their Discord community, you definitely should be to get every update they have on the game's future.

This includes an overview of the Alpha. In this overview, they shared the five different modes you can dive into during your Marvel Rivals Closed Alpha Test session:

  • Tutorial: This is a simple one. Learn the basics of the game.
  • Quick Match: Here, you choose your hero and complete whatever objective awaits.
  • Pocket Universe: Respawn at a flexible location and defat as many enemies as possible.
  • Custom: Create a custom game to play with or against friends.
  • Competitive: A ranked mode where you'll find the most thrilling and intense battles.

Dawn of Legends - 6v6 tournament

(Image via Marvel)
(Image via Marvel)

With a Custom mode available, you bet Marvel Rivals is hosting an esports tournament during the Closed Alpha Test. The Dawn of Legends tournament is 6v6 with a prize pool of $22,500. The top 32 teams will all receive an exclusive in-game title, Dawn of Legends, for each player.

More instructions on how to play will be provided after teams register, but here are the phases of competition:

  • Registration from May 10 - 13
  • Open Qualifiers from May 14 - 16
  • Knockout Stage from May 17 - 19

The game's official Twitch page will stream the entire tournament, so be sure to tune in to catch the first glimpse of competitive Marvel Rivals.

Extra invite codes will be available for the Marvel Rivals Closed Alpha Test

Of course, not everyone can participate in the Marvel Rivals Closed Alpha Test. If you get an invite through your email, consider yourself lucky, but don't consider yourself out of luck if you're passed over.

There is still a chance for your to play during the 10-day period. Players can meet certain milestones to obtain invite codes to share with friends.

There is also a content creator program going live, where streamers can share their gameplay. If you watch on a live stream, there's a chance you can earn an invite code that way, along with other to-be-announced rewards.

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