Get ready to raise hell in heaven once again.

After months of rumors and alleged leaks, developer Titan Forge Games has finally pulled back the curtain on SMITE 2 and even flaunted an upcoming alpha. The follow-up to the ambitious 2014 MOBA looks to keep the same gameplay formula while refreshing everything about the title from graphics to user interface to matchmaking. Built in Unreal Engine 5, the game will also incorporate new physics-based abilities. To help build hype for the game, Hi-Rez Studios will be hosting an alpha playtest for SMITE 2 with signups currently available.

SMITE 2 announcement

Hi-Rez Studios and Titan Forge Games formally revealed SMITE 2 on Jan. 12 through their official social media channels. The brief trailer shows off 10 gods entirely remade in Unreal Engine 5 with all the visual upgrades possible over the last decade. SMITE 2 will keep the franchise’s signature third-person view. Abilities appear much clearer than in the original despite a massive increase in detail.

Other changes include a reworked Relic system, which will now be directly tied to gods. The ward slot has also changed, with players getting to pick one type of ward to use for the entire match. Purification Beads appear to be an inherent mechanic for every god, and there will be many more active items than in the original SMITE. Gods also now scale different abilities off of strength and intelligence, so certain meme builds like physical Ymir can make a comeback in the new game.

The developer did not reveal a release date for SMITE 2, though it did confirm its platforms. The game will eventually launch for the following storefronts:

  • Epic Games Store
  • PlayStation 5
  • Steam
  • Xbox Series

When will the SMITE 2 beta test come out?

To help build hype for the release, SMITE 2 will host a beta playtest that is open to all players. 

To sign up for the SMITE 2 alpha, head to the official website. Click the transparent "Register for Alpha" button on the top-right area of the screen. From there, put in your email and select your preferred platform. 

SMITE 2 alpha playtest sign-up screen (Image via Titan Forge Games)
SMITE 2 alpha playtest sign-up screen (Image via Titan Forge Games)

The SMITE 2 beta test doesn’t have a launch date yet, but the company expects it to go live sometime during the spring of 2024. Be sure to keep an eye on your email, as slots could be limited.

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