SMITE 2 was just announced and alongside the announcement was the Divine Legacy event, allowing players to earn skins and more while playing the game.

SMITE 2 was officially announced, and the internet is in a frenzy talking about the upcoming MOBA. While many are awaiting the game's release excitedly, SMITE has given players something to strive for in the meantime. The Divine Legacy, a brand-new event, was announced earlier today, allowing players to achieve multiple rare skins and more.

Here is everything you need to know about the Divine Legacy event in SMITE 1.

Players can achieve skins during the Divine Legacy event in SMITE 1

While SMITE 2 is still a while away from being released, many are looking forward to grinding for skins in the Divine Legacy event in SMITE 1. The entire event will reward players for their time spent playing SMITE 1 while also transferring a lot of their accomplishments over to SMITE 2 when it releases.

Not only will the Divine Legacy event use the achievements players get going up until the release of SMITE 2, but it will also take all the achievements made from the very beginning of SMITE. This means the last 10 years of the game will literally be turned into rewards for those planning on playing SMITE 2.

We know the event will reward players with new skins, but what other reasons should people grind the game during the Divine Legacy event?

SMITE players to receive 'Legacy Gems' in SMITE 2

One of the ways SMITE is rewarding players is by giving them Legacy Gems in SMITE 2 for their achievements in SMITE 1. Legacy Gems are a SMITE currency that will be usable on over 50% of most in-game purchases in SMITE 2.

So how does one receive Legacy Gems in SMITE 2?

Well, every gem you have spent in SMITE 1 will literally transfer over into Legacy Gems in SMITE 2. Been playing the game for the last 10 years and have spent loads of money on gems? Lucky for you, all those gems will be respendable in SMITE 2.

Seems like a great incentive to get past SMITE players to join the game again when SMITE 2 drops.

While a final release date for SMITE 2 has not been determined, many are anxious for the MOBA's sequel to drop.

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